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    Pls, I want upgrade my blackberry8820 to 4.5. D lastest upgrade. Tanks

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    02-13-11 03:48 PM
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    02-13-11 04:11 PM
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    Unless you're coming off of having errors, a BBSAK wipe shouldn't be necessary. The wipe done by Loader should suffice.

    Remember to go through BBM and set both the Local & Remote Backups in case your BBM contacts don't restore. (But they should.) Go through the options of any 3rd party apps to see if they have a Backup To Media Card option for their settings.

    The 8820 doesn't have an abundance of free memory, so I would recommend shrinking your OS. There are a couple different 3rd party desktop programs that do this before you load the OS to device. Search the Forums for "BB Boss" or "BBHybrids Tool" to find them.

    And remember the OS might not have the most current versions of Native Apps like BBM, App World, other IM clients like WLM, Twitter, etc. Snag them from App World afterwards.
    02-16-11 01:09 PM