1. royztoy's Avatar
    Someone please help. I love livesearch and now it is not working. But I upgraded to the newest version of livesearch this weekend because it prompted me to do so. I upgraded to version 2.0.3048.13898. After the software was installed, livesearch attempts to load. It says testing connection 1/4 and when it get to 2/4, an error message comes up saying, "Sorry, we can't detect you network configuration. Yon can configure your network settings in the "Options" page or exit live search". I am on BES with Sprint. Can someone please tell me the network configuration parameters. I tried default, Direct HTTP and BES/MDS. None of these work. It goes to the loading page and it says checking for update. It does nothing pass this. I have tried uninstalling and installing live search and trying each configuration option and the same thing is ocurring. Can someone please tell what I could possibly be doing wrong.

    06-02-08 01:47 PM