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    I have a Blackberry 8830 that I am using with the desktop redirector. The way I have it set up is as follows:

    When I'm Bluetooth connected, messages are NOT rediected to my device. That's the way I want it. At night, even still Bluetooth connected, I take my phone and leave the building. Sooner or later the redirector doesn't see my device, and changes it's status to Running and starts redirecting.

    Everything worked fine until last week. When I leave the office the redirector does not redirect my emails. When I come back I see it's still says it's in the cradle even though I was out of the office.

    Why is the redirector not switching back to running when it can't find my device on Bluetooth when I leave.

    Here's more info, if I manually turn off Bluetooth before I leave then it's fine.

    Please help!
    03-24-09 10:18 AM