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    Fairly new user here. I have an 8800 (AT&T) that I have MP3's saved on it. I would like to be able to play them through the input jack of my car stereo.

    The stereo does not have bluetooth - so it has to be the old fashioned way. I had to buy an adapter to be able to plug the data cable into the Blackberry's headset jack.

    Any clues?
    06-16-09 10:15 AM
  2. Barljo's Avatar
    I think that the only way is to buy something like a Belkin Tunecast (may be a diff name in the US). It's about GBP15 or so...

    You plug it into the headphone output of your mp3/bb/whatever, tune your radio into the frequency, and bingo!

    You'll need to turn your mp3/bb/whatever up to full volume, but the results are near enough flawless.

    Or, if your car stereo has a little headphone-size in jack, just connect the two up directly from the 8800 headphone jack using a lead (available at any slightly techy type shop).

    Hope this helps!
    06-16-09 11:24 AM
  3. aimzee72's Avatar
    I bought a gadget that has a cassette tape on one end and a wire that connects the tape to my phone's headset jack. Works great. Some people don't have a cassette player in their car though.
    06-16-09 01:07 PM
  4. 12elentless's Avatar
    my indash came with the adapter to run 3.5mm jack straight to it, but if yours didnt, this will work-

    On the back of the radio, there should be white and red (maybe yellow) input rcas. youll need to buy an adapter (dual makes one, pretty cheap at bestbuy) that converts rcas to a headphone input. then buy a rca male to male plug and your done. I can play my mp3 player, phone, etc all off the same jack just by swapping them out.

    if you have a headphone jack input (some factory and some aftermarket HUs) just buy the male to male adapter and plug it straight up.

    This method also has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaay better SQ than the cassette or RF adapter.

    both plugs can be bought at bestbuy, i got my dual male 3.5 at walmart for $10
    06-16-09 01:12 PM
  5. stormwatcher's Avatar
    Make sure you change the input to AUX...
    06-16-09 01:39 PM
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    Since it has a 2.5mm headphone jack, I bought a standard 3.5mm male cable with a 2.5mm adapter. The input automatically switches over to aux whenever anything is plugged in.

    I'll try it again, but this is getting very frustrating.
    06-16-09 03:12 PM
  7. Potstech's Avatar
    to See if the Adapter is the right one plug a standard mp3 player head set into it. Do you hear anything? If not then it is the wrong adapter. BB use a special adapter to take the 2.5 up to the 3.5 of most headsets and input jacks. The one sold by Radio Shack apparently will not work with BlackBerries. Check the store here on Crackberry as they will have the right on. If you do not hahe the AUX input on your car stereo get on eof the FM transmitters that will send s asignal to your FM radio on several different Frequencies. then you won't have a cord from your BB to you rradio. Good luck
    06-17-09 01:45 PM
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    Nope, doesn't work. Will buy the adapter from the Crackberry Store.

    My car has the Aux input on the front of the radio. My buddy Brian has a newer model 88XX series BB with a 3.5 mm jack and it works fine. If I had bluetooth on the car stereo, then it would log into it that way.
    06-18-09 08:46 AM
  9. Potstech's Avatar
    Thats what I thought. The jack in the blackebrry is a 2.5 jack but it has 2outputs and one input. If you look at it close you will see 3 little black rings instead of the 2 on your headphones. The additional one is for a MIC input. That is why the standard adapter doesn't work. You must get one made for a BB. I got 2 so if one broke I would have a backup.
    06-18-09 11:57 AM
  10. CorvetteCop's Avatar
    Thanks for the help, guys. My order from the Crackberry store is supposed to be at my house on Tuesday.

    Got the right adapter in from crackberry.com - it works great. Thanks again for all that helped out.
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