1. itc_sburnett@comcast.net's Avatar
    got a used 8830WE on ebay. works great, except clicking the trackball doesnt always select, so I have gotten used to using the enter key. No biggie, wanted a BB while I wait to upgrade to the Storm 2 or Tour 2 (thats a seperate post, cant decide!) Anyway, a couple times, while carrying the phone in my pocket, I would take it out and notice it was randomly opneing new SMS messages and email messages, watching the screen, it looked like a macro was running..it was bezerk! Problem escalated last night. 4:30am, my mother called to ask what was wrong. Seems my phone, which was charging on my night stand had started calling her number at 4am. it made 4 calls before i pulled eh battery. Interestingly, when I fully woke up later, none of those calls showed up in the call log, but checking her caller ID, sure enough it did. Tonight while talking to someone, the pone just started randomly muting and unmuting the call...I couldnt stop it!

    Anyone else have this problem? All I did since getting the phone was upgrade to newest OS

    Im a BB Newbie..is it possible to get a virus? Its behaving like a PC thats infected.
    11-16-09 06:23 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    To answer your second question first, no, there are no BlackBerry viruses. Your used 8830 sounds like it's gotten wet. That can cause all manner of odd behaviors, and may be why it was offered on ebay. You can try sealing it in a bag of dry rice for a few days, with the battery removed. That might dry it out and fix it, if it is water damage.
    11-16-09 09:12 PM
  3. itc_sburnett@comcast.net's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff, I was trhinking the same thing, although I did check the sensors and they look good (although like me, someone might have taped them) I'll give the bag of rice a try this weekend, and just shut the connections off when I go to sleep. Ive been bitten by the BB bug and cant live without it now weird...it worked fine for teh past 3 weeks..only just started happening.
    11-16-09 09:53 PM