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    SOLUTION: Hats off to JeffH, because what he is saying is correct, but here is a more clear way of explaining it I hope:

    I managed to get into my phone on the final attempt... but what I thought was going on, wasn't the case. As Jeff explained to me in another thread, when a person creates their password for the first time... the rules of the keyboard still apply. Many people like myself, assume for some reason that the pwd they are inputting is numerical. Probably because on non-smartphones when you enter a pwd, like for voicemail or somethign, it defaults to numerical without having to use a modifier key. But this is not the case unless they first hit alt/shift to numberlock the keyboard when creating their password for the first time. So, if you think you are typing in '1234', you are actually typing in 'wers', UNLESS you first hit alt/shift and type in 1234. At that point, it's for sure numerical. If you don't use the alt or shift keys, you are actually typing lower case letters.

    I tested this theory by changing my password from what I thought was 1234 (but was actually wers), and upon creating the new pwd, i hit alt/shift (which doesn't count as a keystroke!) which locked the number pad, and then typed in 1234. I did this twice and the new pwd was set. I then locked my phone and then tried to unlock it. I tried typing just 1234 and it didn't work. I then number locked the keyboard by selecting alt/shift, typed in 1234, and it worked! So again, the rules of the keyboard ALWAYS APPLY in all situations.

    Hope this helps!
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    this is very true and works SOLUTION FOUND saved me and alot of other people i have made sure i use a password without numbers to avoid this happening again (we have the tecnology but we ran out of batterys lol peace to all peeps surporting the corse bo-dee
    01-16-11 07:51 PM
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    dear jpoprock,
    THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! of course that's the solution of my problem. you are right!
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