1. michaeljamesphoto's Avatar
    Having just watched #37 tutorial on how to sync outlook now very frustrated still not working.

    Downloaded v4.6 of desktop software and setting up what to/not to sync, but on list of applications to sync with there's "ASC II" (not completely sure what this is/how it works), then there's "yahoo" and the option of "none" - but no option to choose outlook for sync'ing calendar (even though it appears in the tutorial very clearly) - what's going on?

    Secondly, sent and received emails don't synch either.
    If i send an email on my pc i really would appreciate it the pc would tell my blackberry via the desltop software that it had sent it - but it doesn't. Similarly, if i send an email from my blackberry i'd like outlook to reflect this (after sync'ing) - but it doesn't.

    (btw I am running outlook, not outlook express)

    Having just abandoned a microsoft mobile solution in favour of blackberry i am bitterly regretting the decision and now seriously considering a revolt.

    Can anyone help? Please, I'm desperado!
    11-20-09 03:35 PM
  2. michaeljamesphoto's Avatar
    Well, as no-one has any "pearls" of wisdom on this I'll be dumping the blackberry in the nearest bin, and going back to a windows based system that I know will work.
    11-23-09 10:32 AM