1. MelindaK's Avatar
    I have a corporate version 8830, so some of my options are limited. I have wireless sync on for everything. My Outlook calendar notices duplicate when updated instead of updating the meeting notice already on a calendar. I am getting 3 and 4 of the same notice on my BB when someone sends an update with a note or content change (not a day/time change).

    Is there a setting to have it update the existing meeting notice instead of adding a new one?

    03-13-09 09:32 AM
  2. MegaloMegaloDon's Avatar
    Calendar syncing is a little fishy for me. If I dismiss a Reminder on my BB it still shows up when I open Outlook. Wierd stuff. It has always done this so I'm used to it. Not sure what to make of your issue. Maybe have your BES admin dump and reload your user in BES.
    03-13-09 02:30 PM
  3. Bghikes's Avatar
    I just began noticing Outlook Calendar issues as well. BlackBerry sync is removing items from Outlook but they remain on BB. Recently updated to 4.5 OS and our IT person updated Outlook to Service pack 2. Anyone else having this issue or better yet know how to fix it. On the bright side I have nothing scheduled for work next week
    03-18-09 09:53 AM
  4. MelindaK's Avatar
    I hope someone has a solution. I am really tired of running to catch a meeting that is still on my BB....but was cancelled.
    03-18-09 10:38 PM
  5. mdliday's Avatar
    I recently noticed that all of my appointments in Outlook Calendar, dating back as far as 2007, are completely GONE. Coincidentally, I tried downloading Google Calendar Sync a few weeks ago, then read online about all serious problems where Google erased Calendar appointments. So, I uninstalled Google, and yet, the problem still exists, verrrrrry frustrating. Spent 1/2 hour on the phone w/VW CS, (total waste of time,) then another 1/2 hour w/BB CS, they finally said it's not them, it's me. "Repaired" Outlook 2007, uninstalled/reinstalled BB desktop 4/7, am already running on the 8830. Sync is configured two-way, and should be transferring ALL items forever. Appointments continue to disappear, and my work life doesn't exist past last week. (I wish Apple made Blackberry's)
    03-22-09 05:49 PM