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    Okay, got my 8830 on order and it should be here on Mon or Tues of this week. I am using the US Cellular BB service which includes unlimited data and access to both BES and BIS service. This is my first "smartphone" and BB. I have been lurking a few days but am a little confused and could use some guidance.

    Most of it deals with email for the time being. Below is my list:

    1. Work Account 1: This is a Groupwise account that has email, contacts, calendar, etc. that needs to be linked. I talked with the company geek dept, and apparently they have a server that syncs everything with BB's. From what I've read, this is the BES program. I'm paying for my phone, but they are paying for the service. When I get the phone, what exactly do I need to do in order to get this working? Just call them? Will having this enabled block my other accounts listed below, or restrict my phone in other methods?

    2. Work Account 2: This is a POP3 email account. I use MS Outlook to manage my email, contacts, calendar and to-do lists. This account will be used very heavily (moreso than the GW account) for the next year. It is uber important I be able to sync everything. I understand this account has to connect via BIS. This service is NOT connected via an exchange server, just a normal POP3 account. From what I've read, the emails *should* arrive on my BB almost instantly, right? If not, why and how can I make it be instant? I can then reply and it'll look like I'm replying from my office, right? How does the BB sync back to Outlook to report emails I've deleted/created/sent/etc? And what if I add/modify calendar appointments or to-do items?

    3. Personal Account: I want to be able to manage this personal account just like I would manage the 2 accounts above. I check this account from home, work, friends, etc. just depending where I'm at. From what I've read, this may require a paid subscription to a premium account in which case I'll probably switch to someone else where I can achieve what I want for the cost of free! If this is the case, what alternates do you recommend? I've heard Gmail and Yahoo work. Honestly I like the idea of Gmail, but my previous trials reveal it just wasn't me. I had Yahoo back in the day, but liked Hotmail better. So are there any others? Or is there a work around with the Hotmail account, and if so, how would I sync since it's all "online"?

    4. Other Stuff: Assuming I can get all 3 accounts going and to get them to sync and all that good stuff, how in the heck do they keep from "cross polluting" on one another? Will I have 3 inboxes/outboxes/etc for email? Will I have 3 calendars? Will I have 3 sets of contacts? I am not sure if I want to keep them all separated or let them blend together. If they blend, the advantage is no matter where I'm at, my life is organized in all aspects. What does the BB do by default? Is there a way to change it? Does it require any software?

    I am certain these are ultra noob questions, but your help is most appreciated. As I become more familiar with the device and techniques I'll be contributing back. I look forward to your responses.
    02-17-08 09:56 PM