1. drfut21311's Avatar
    for some crazy reason while I'm able to set my profiles/phone to vibrate my phone will JUST NOT VIBRATE; it will ring. I've done a remove battery reinstall battery reboot but no go. I spent a long time with a Verizon technician and he was not able to help either. Luckily my phone is still under warranty and they're sending me a replacement at no charge. Luckily I'm recentlly backed up. Can anyone help with this frustrating issue?
    12-30-08 08:26 AM
  2. gtstang462002's Avatar
    What is your OS version?

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    12-30-08 09:07 AM
  3. zmenchhofer's Avatar
    i have the same problem on my 8100
    12-30-08 11:04 AM
  4. drfut21311's Avatar
    version Verizon is sending me a replacement phone but I'd rather keep this one if the issue can be fixed. I don't want to upgrade my OS as Verizon has not provided a more recent one and if I return my phone with an unauthorized version it will void my replacement and I'll have to pay retail for my 8830 WE. Any recommendation is gladly accepted.
    12-30-08 12:09 PM
  5. KG1's Avatar
    .176 is an authorized OS. So why would it void yoyr warranty.

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    12-31-08 01:47 AM
  6. jeffh's Avatar
    The latest OS from Verizon is But it isn't likely to fix your problem. I started with .176 and upgraded to .196, but did not have the vibe problem you describe with either version. That's why I don't think .196 will help.

    Have you edited the Vibrate profile to be sure that it is set to Vibrate? Do you get a different result in holster vs out of holster? What if you select the Quiet profile? What happens then?
    12-31-08 02:00 AM
  7. drfut21311's Avatar
    well, Verizon sent me my a replacement phone as no one was able to figure out my problem with vibration profile not working despite trying many different combinations. SO this makes my third 8830 WE which I love despite it being my third replacement phone. Luckily I always have issues inside my warantee. I talked with Verizon today asking for a Storm as a discounted price. I talked to a 'supervisor' but no go. They'll do it IF this third one fails. This is an unsatisfactory answer to me. I'm going the my Verizon store when it opens and see if they can help me. If I didn't like my WE 8830 so much I'd switch to a different Verizon phone. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    01-02-09 01:32 PM
  8. drfut21311's Avatar
    and everything seems to be working fine including vibration mode. Hopefully this third phone will be the charm. Thanks to all for your help.
    01-02-09 05:21 PM