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    i activated My BB 8830 WE locked to Telus in Canada on a prapaid messaging service only

    but it cannot send or receive Text messages...

    however it was fine 2 years ago. I called Telus tech. support but they said it is cdma in

    canada and gsm in other world that is the problem.

    From manage connections > i switch to GSM but device keep rebooting itself...

    so switched it to 1xev but no joy, on Global > same thing.

    I am wondering that with SIM it was texting 2 years ago but not now...

    >> SIM is OK because texting works on my BB 9780...

    ><> Any thoughts about the issue.

    regards and thanks
    10-21-11 10:40 PM
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    The 8830 does not have the bands for GSM in North America.

    What type of carrier are you trying to use it on?
    10-21-11 11:12 PM
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    Hey Thanks.

    I am trying On Telus ( Canada )..

    is'nt previous Sim i used is GSM ? or CDMA also uses SIM ??
    10-21-11 11:18 PM
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    Telus used to be a CDMA carrier. I ran a Telus-released OS on my 8830. However, they converted to GSM some time back. You won't be able to use your 8830 on their GSM network because as was previously posted, the GSM radio in the 8830 does not operate on North American GSM frequencies. Having a SIM won't matter. Your only choices are to get a GSM BlackBerry or change carriers. I don't know if Canada has a CDMA carrier.
    10-22-11 10:29 AM
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    Canadian carriers:

    Bell: CDMA and HSPA
    Telus: CDMA and HSPA
    Rogers: GSM
    Wind: GSM
    MobiliCity: ?
    Public Mobile: ?

    HSPA is 3G variant of GSM. Both Bell and Telus still operate their old CDMA (EVDO rev. A) networks, but they don't upgrade them anymore. Instead, they focus on their new HSPA networks launched in October of 2009. In many remote areas in Canada CDMA is still the only network available.

    As mentioned before, 8830 WE is a CDMA phone which also supports two GSM bands. It is intended to be used on CDMA networks in N.America, and you can switch over to GSM when you travel overseas.

    If you live in Canada and do lots of travelling, you should really get familiar with all the network tech speak (CDMA, GSM, HSPA), it's a bit confusing up here. Also, if you travel a lot to the US, you should keep in mind that CDMA has overall better coverage in the US. It's the only country in the world where CDMA is a dominant network standard. Everywhere else it's mostly GSM.
    Japan is another unique place, with their W-CDMA network.

    Also, questions specific to Telus can be best answered on Telus' subforum. Subforums for all Canadian carriers can be found here:


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    10-22-11 05:50 PM
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    Thanks to all for your kind support.
    10-23-11 06:33 PM