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    I have recently acquired a VZW-branded 8830, which to my knowledge (I'm verifying this tomorrow) is well out of it's original contract and not currently associated to any account. I am currently a VZW customer, but plan to drop them this coming December, for a laundry list of reasons. This leads to my dilemma: I would love to utilize this device, but have zero interest in doing so through VZW.

    I know this device operates on CDMA bands 850 and 1900, making it's hardware compatible with any PCS-based carrier. The notable non-VZW PCS carriers with coverage in my area as well as having my interest, are Sprint and Virgin. I know that it is possible, however am grey on the legality, to flash this phone to other PCS-based carriers such as Cricket, or Metro. From this, I draw conclusion that it is also possible to flash this device to operate with either of the aforementioned carriers I would desire. I would love to have this device running on either Sprint or Virgin.

    My questions on the matter are as follows:
    1.) Is this legal?
    1A.) By is it legal: Would willing Crackberry users be able to safely share information on the subject?
    1B.) By is it legal: Would I be risking legal action from VZW by accomplishing this?

    2.) In the case that 1A checks out and 1B either checks out or has minimal risk, where do I begin to go about this? I'm no newcomer to flashing new ROMs onto devices, but am a newcomer to doing so when said devices are phones.

    3.) In the case that I do successfully flash this device to Sprint or Virgin, and later hop across the pond: Will I need to have gone through the trouble beforehand of prying an unlock code from the clutches of VZW for the GSM bands, or would the flash accomplish this?

    Responses will be appreciated, and for those I give my thanks in advance.
    08-14-10 11:07 PM
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    Your Verizon 8830 cannot be flashed to work on Sprint or Virgin Mobile. They only activate phones that are in their ESN/MEID database. Your phone can be flashed to Metropcs or Cricket. You should check out the cell phone flashing forum at HowardForums to get the info you need. If you want to go to Sprint with an 8830, it would be much easier if you get a Sprint version on Ebay, they sell for $40-$60 dollars, you can get an 8330 for about the same price.

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    08-15-10 07:02 AM
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    You have my thanks for the direct information, as well as the timely response.
    08-15-10 11:23 AM