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    BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.312 (Multilanguage)

    Package Version:
    Consisting of:


    Software Platform:

    File name: 8820M_PBr4.5.0_rel312_PL2.7.0.109_A4.5.0.187_O2_UK .exe

    File size: 92.58MB

    Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

    Download Software

    For the best installation procedure click here.

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    02-20-10 11:20 PM
  2. mitchknowsbest's Avatar
    just upgraded to this and feel like its lagging somewhat. Does anyone else feel this way?
    02-22-10 10:33 PM
  3. umairmalik's Avatar
    wow. looks like no one upgraded their os!

    is this buggy or something? also does anyone know if 8820 is getting os 5 or not?
    04-13-10 02:30 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Nothing with less than 96Mb of memory will be able to get 5.0. It just wouldn't fit.

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    04-13-10 02:35 PM
  5. X-TraxxX's Avatar
    Seems this is the latest OS for BB 8820
    12-05-10 06:52 PM
  6. tndthang's Avatar
    I had already use this... I feel gud with the other ơne..hihi... Thankss
    12-29-10 08:40 AM