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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a student residing in Singapore and thinking of getting either a BB 8800 or BB 8707 soon.

    After reading through these forums I'm under the impression that BIS is a email/ internet solution. Tried to do a search but became more confused by the different comments. However, I just went down to the shops to check out the different BBs and data access plans and was told that the BIS offered here is for email only (i.e. only).

    One important app that I need is IM. Naturally internet access is required for it to work right? However, I don't forsee myself spending much time surfing the web. So in this regard, does email-only BIS support IM progs like Jivetalk or is there a work around?

    Another thing, I'm currently considering either the BB 8800 or BB 8707. I've read that the BB8800 is non 3G whereas the BB 8707 is 3G but kind of laggy. So how does this affect me in terms of email/ IM that I think I would use primarily.

    07-09-07 08:45 AM