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    I hope this is in the right section. I just bought an 8830. This is my first Blackberry, Im very excited about it. I want to get everything setup on the right way so I can enjoy all of its features. I have a few questions that I need help with. I bought this phone off of ebay.

    *How do I get rid of the last guys email? I have tried to setup my own account on the setup wizard, but it says there is already an account on that PIN. Is there a way to reset that?
    *Also can I setup a Hotmail account on it?
    *I bought a USB cable and have tried to download the software from Blackberry, but it still doesnt recognize the device. I tried to use Windows Media, but it wouldnt recognize it.
    *My version is, should I download a newer version? Would I get that from Blackberry.
    *How do I reset the phone completely, would I want to do that?
    *How do I setup a different ring tone?
    *Is there a way to download some movies/shows/games to the device? If so, what is a good place to get them?

    As you can see I need some help, I would sure appreciate some. Thanks.
    03-16-08 12:15 PM
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    Welcome to CB!
    The previous owner needs to delete his account associated with that PIN.
    You should get that taken care of first, then worry about the other stuff.
    03-16-08 12:19 PM