1. haxpak's Avatar
    hello all,
    I reside in india

    I have just purchased a Verizon WE from a fren whounlocked the phone for me and transferred indian Reliance cdma esn to the phone, as in india due to a policy carriers would not accept foriegn esn.

    The problem i am facing is that, the rowser does not start up saying no configuration settings are present.

    The gps had locked once but since i upgraded to os 4.5 the gps would not obtain a lock.

    I cannot use the phone for anything as of now.

    I want to be atleast able to share the internet i am running on my laptop with my bb8830 so that i can visit and download stuff directly to the phone.

    is that possible at all?
    03-23-10 04:22 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I don't know any way to use a laptop as the internet connection for a BlackBerry that doesn't have data service.
    03-24-10 01:19 PM
  3. haxpak's Avatar
    but there must be some way of shharing internet?
    also is there a way to make my gps work?
    gpsed only says collect gps data ....................
    and i am also unable to find downloadable garmin mobile for blackberry 7 day trial.
    if anybody knows of it please le me know
    03-25-10 06:08 AM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    The Garmin Mobile trial is linked on their website. It's possible it's not available in India. Garmin Mobile
    03-25-10 11:25 AM