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    I recently sold my Pearl 8130 for $120 and purchased a used (since July) 8830 WE for $140. The housing is not in perfect shape whatsoever, but I have already purchased a new OEM red housing from TrueSupplier.com. I am excited to have a full QWERTY keyboard and a larger/wider screen.

    I thought this phone was supposed to have twice the amount of free memory as the Pearl. For some reason, the amount of free memory seems to be horrible. After a couple hours of use, I will already be down to 4-6MB free. After the device is first booted, I start with only 14MB free, which includes removing things like VAD.

    I would have thought that with twice the amount of memory on this phone, there should be much more free memory than my old Pearl...

    Does anyone else have similar problems with memory?
    12-20-09 12:00 AM
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    Right after purchase my 8830 was holding at around 14-15 MB free. Now just after soft reset I have 20 MB which then drops to 18 and stays there, after Asian fonts, Docs to Go, Maps have been removed and a few small third party apps installed. Google "blackberry memory", there was a thread with very detailed info explaining all preloaded components, and which can be deleted.
    12-20-09 08:55 AM
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    I already removed many applications and I am still having these problems. I used the MaxMem v0.4 application to remove VAD and unused default themes and languages and others... Are you suggesting that there are other things that should be done also?

    The only third party applications that I run are: Facebook, BerryWeather, OpenBeak, and the trial version of BeejiveIM.

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    12-20-09 11:09 AM
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    I got my phone new from the carrier in September, so far never dropped it on the floor, etc, that might make the difference, hard to tell. Here is the screenshot of my apps. I have never tried any memory optimizing program, just removed some stuff manually and installed newer OS ( The newest OS now is actually

    12-21-09 05:08 AM