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    I want my 8830 to do the following things:

    1) Sync contacts, calender, tasks with my computer. That is, items entered on either device need to be reflected on both after a sync. (I am currently using ACT 2005 as my contact management software on my laptop.)

    2) Sync with the program I use to download and manage several web-based email accounts. (I am currently using Eudora on my laptop.) When I say sync, I mean that I want any emails sent from my 8830 to be downloaded and stored on my laptop through Eudora/Outlook.

    I am willing to go buy Outlook 2007 if necessary to get these things...but if there is a way to do this through ACT and Eudora, that is even better. And I don't care if I need to tether it to my laptop to accomplish this.

    Servers are not an option for me...whatever system I set up has to run b/w my laptop and 8830 only.

    The salesperson said the 8830 is competely compatible with Outlook. But the Microsoft web site says their products do not support Blackberry. The Blackberry site generally mentions that it can sync with email and contact management software, but it does not mention which brands.

    Verizon has a 30 day return policy on their devices. I like it so far (the trackball navigation is awesome), but I've got to get it up and running WITH my computer, not in addition to it. This has got to make life easier, not more complicated!

    Tips and advice please!
    07-02-07 06:27 PM