08-18-10 07:20 PM
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  1. acrpr's Avatar
    glenn, the options to allow automatic timezone adjustments has been added to OS 5 on newer devices (9550, 9520, 9530, 9700) and will be included in OS 5 upgrades for other devices.

    The problem you will face is that the 8830 won't be getting an OS 5 upgrade (as far as I know).
    The problem is that even that you checked the option in the latest 9700 and OS 5xxx, it's simple doesn't update!!!!

    I am pretty much upset with my new Blackberry 9700. Two simple things that bothers me a lot.

    1. Even that I selected the option for Time Zone to be updated automatically, It doesn't update. I wonder why the OS 5 allows you to choose the option and at the end the option doesn't work. I already know that it is supposedly because of the calendar distortion issues, but that's not a logical explanation. All other phones in the market changes time zone automatically and they also have calendars apps, including the iPhone.

    2. Same issue with downloading email images, even that I checked the option to Download Images Automatically, it simply doesn't do it. Email world is completely different now that what it was 5 years ago when emails were composed mostly of text. Now, almost every email comes with images, thus it is totally unacceptable for a brand new latest Blackberry to push you to manually download images. And, when you manually download the images, pictures download is very slow because device seems to be overwhelmed trying to deal with picture sizes.

    But, what really bothers me the most with these two issues is that the device comes with the options to do it correctly and when you checked the appropriate boxes, it's simply doesn't do it. It's simply misleading!

    3. On top of that, the video quality is very, very, very Poor.

    Not that impressed with the 9700.

    Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.
    01-16-10 08:03 AM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    1. Sorry, it works for me.
    2. It is not intended to work as you are thinking, that the images will download automatically with each opening of any new email. The automatic download setting is actually for "repeated" images, the next time you open that same email or another from the same sender, say a corporate or business newsletter you might receive, the images will be downloaded automatically next time. Yes, it is misleading to users like yourself that are expecting otherwise. But your own description of how slow the image download is would be my assumed reason that it is not automatic with all new mail.

    3. Vague. I have absolutely great video quality.
    What video are you speaking of? I have several movies on my device, converted for BlackBerry and the vid quality is absolutely stunning.
    01-16-10 08:12 AM
  3. odedmilstein's Avatar
    On a Motorola Q or Nokia - when landing and turning on the phone - the time is auto adjusted AS WELL As appointments. I was able to get US time based invites to Outlook and the phone would remove the appointmens base on caltime THIS is what evey TRUE ROAMER NEEDS!!
    01-20-10 04:21 AM
  4. abifest's Avatar
    I had the same problem with time zone switch when I recently switched to 8220 flip. Doesn't matter what setting you use - Blackberry time or Network time the device has a mind of its own. Since I am so disappointed with the device, I am using it only as cell phone and have disabled other capabilities -- i.e dumbed it down and using my wrist watch again to tell time when travelling. Also, the network time is very erratic - sometimes it is 10 hours ahead of local time, sometimes the connection disappears and reappears randomly. Hurrah for technology!!!
    08-18-10 07:20 PM
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