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    8830 WE (bought used), PagesPlus (Verizon) service. Phone worked great, internet, email, etc. Upgraded using desktop manager, and then no browser. Tried everything listed on website, tried to go back to previous software version, etc. Still no browser. Tried to uninstall service books and then reinstall. Not able to reintall any except one service book. Phone "acts" as if there is no data plan. Called PagesPlus, they said they do not support Blackberry, and if it worked prio to updating, then it was a fluke, and they cannot help at all. As of now phone and text work fine (unlimited voice/text and 20 mg data plan), but have no internet or email at all. Also, now I have no service books for anything (deleted all of them). Is there a place I can go to have this stuff put back on my phone manually, cannot "send" anything to teh phone or download wirelessly. Also, do not have origainal software CD Rom.

    Any thoughts??????
    01-13-10 10:24 PM