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    I'm coming back to my 8830 after having the storm for a few months , wasn't a huge fan of it. My 8830 is currently getting a 1XEV signal and on the back of it says cdma 3G. I was under the impression this wasn't a 3g phone but truth be told the storm browser and opera on the 8830 there is no difference in speed. So is it 3G ?????

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    05-07-09 03:41 PM
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    Yes it is 3g, but it is rev 0 and the storm is rev A.

    # EVDO Rev 0: 400kbps-700kbps Download (bursts up to 2.0Mbps), 50kbps-100kbps Upload (bursts to 144Kbps)
    # EVDO Rev A: 600Kbps-1,400Kbps Download (bursts to 2.0Mbps), 500Kbps-800Kbps Upload (bursts to 1.8Mbps)
    05-07-09 05:39 PM