10-20-10 09:56 PM
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  1. agough05's Avatar
    This is the 8830 forum guys... We need some help silencing our World Editions, not Bolds. You guys have a newer OS on those phones and they have different features, for instance, the whole Q button vibrate mode does not work on the 8830.

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    05-25-10 08:58 AM
  2. babycola's Avatar
    oh my bold 2 (9700) when i hold down Q it automatically changes my profile to vibrate only, and if pressed again it will changed back to my normal profile, hope that helps, i found this by going into my shortcuts, and it said Q changes profile to vibrate
    10-20-10 01:03 AM
  3. jojo1412's Avatar
    I must be really losing it. My 9700 has nothing on the top of it. I have pressed every button. The message reads: in standbymode. Press the Mute key to exit standby mode".

    It is in the middle of the screen and I can't do anything to get rid of it. Help Help Help
    Does anyone have the answer to this fix for the TOUR?? At least once a month somehow I put my phone in standby and have to take out the battery to reboot because I can't find the "MUTE KEY".............................................. .Thanks
    10-20-10 09:56 PM
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