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    I have seen some old posts that skirt around my specific problem.

    I have wired headphones (Altec Lansing) with 2.5mm plug.

    On my original 8830 they worked fine until last Friday. I went to the VZ store and the rep said it looks like the jack is loose. I can replace your handset. Of course I did not bring the headphones with me. So we replace the handset.

    The headphones do in fact work on other devices.

    I get to my office today and retrieve me headphones hoping to be happy again but alas they do not work in my new handset.

    I can make sound come out of the big speaker phone speaker and the little telephone speaker using the menu options.

    Headphones do not work with the media player or the telephone.

    Is there some toggle that I need to hit or what?

    thanks in advance
    07-30-09 03:48 PM