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    Hello everyone, new to the forums here, but I just have a problem I just can't seem to fix.

    Recently, I got some new Blackberry data plan for my phone with 500 megs a month, and all that other jazz for my 8800 Curve. Apparently the regular Browser is missing, I'm only showing WAP. At first, I had some message saying that my phone was not connected, usually the message you get if you don't have a data plan with a Blackberry. So I tried taking the battery out, putting it back in, I installed the newest Desktop Manager, and installed the latest updates onto my 8800, which did get rid of that message, now saying I'm connected to the edge network.

    Whenever I do a search through the icons for the Blackberry Browser, I cannot find it..all I can find is the WAP Browser. So I went into the Advanced Options, went to Browser, and the only thing I can select for Default browser configuration is WAP Browser. I also tried going to "Host Routing Table", then clicking "Register Now", and waiting about a minute. Still no icon (even after selecting "Show All").

    Also, ever sicne I updated, it appears MSN disappeared off my phone..no biggie, since I don't use it, but it might be worth mentioning.

    I also tried removing the old email address, taking the battery out, etc. when I go to "Host Routing Table", there's nothing there to use "Register Now" on, either (says "No Entries"). Anyone else have any ideas?

    Does the 8800 only have WAP Browsing, or am I just missing something? Or is it possible that the guy that added it today didn't do something right? I've been working on this for about 4 hours and I don't have any ideas left.

    08-04-09 02:59 AM