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    I have an 8830 world edition with telus up here in ontario canada.

    Telus setup my email on my bb.

    The problem: My email arrives on my bb and is supposed to stay on the mail server (per telus). Then i can open my laptop and download my email messages in MS Outlook. Occasionally when my laptop is off, i get an email to my bb and the bb deletes the email off the mail server. This happens about 1 out of every 100 emails or so... This does not happen often but often enough to force me to make a support call to telus. According to telus (after a 45 minute call on hold most the time) this is not a telus issue but a bb hardware issue and that i should rectify the issue with RIM. Telus also said they have never heard of this happening before. What a load...

    Can anyone else shed any light on this issue?


    06-25-08 09:51 AM
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    have you check you available free file memory on your BB? If there are lots of text and eMail that you've already read stored on your BB, they will be competing for Memory with the unread messages. Have you also reconcile your messages, where your laptop takes precedent over your BB?
    1) Manage your memory
    2) Reconcile messages
    3)Delete messages on handheld only.
    Hope this helps

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    06-26-08 09:53 AM
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    Hi mcrawford,

    I dont believe this is a blackberry issue. I had this happen as well and here is what I did to fix the problem.

    Open Outlook
    Select the tools Menu
    Select Email Accounts
    Select View or Change email accounts
    Select the email account in question
    Click More Settings
    Click Advanced Tab
    Under Delivery at the bottom select leave a copy of the message on the server
    Choose the number of Days to leave it on (Depends on how often you check your mail on your PC. I have 4 days selected on mine but you can choose more or less.
    Click apply or OK.

    This should resolve the issue. The reason its being deleted is because the mail server believes the message has been delivered once it hits your BB. but now it will get to your berry and still be on the mail server and when you open outlook it will retrieve the message to your desktop as well providing you check before the amount of days you selected.

    Hope this helps.
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    06-26-08 10:27 AM
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    my question still stands...

    take outlook totally out of the picture...

    1. I get an email on my bb
    2. I log into my webmail on my mail server and the email is not there.

    The email is supposed to stay on the mail server and it's not!

    Again... this only happens with 1/100 emails...

    Any insight into this issue (Telus has no answer and blames the BB hardware)???
    06-27-08 09:29 AM
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    I understand what you are saying but have you tried doing what I suggested? As I mentioned in my post mine did the same thing and that resolved my issue. Let me know if you have at least tried what I suggested.

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    06-27-08 09:38 AM
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    Hi NDO,

    Thanks for the reply. I am not using Outlook at all. Only a web based mail interface that doesn't have those (leave message on server) options. From the web based mail interface the only way to delete a message is by selecting the message and clicking delete.

    If my outlook (laptop) is shut off, as is the case, and the only email accessing device is my BB and the webmail interface, why does it still delete random emails from the mail server.

    The better question is how does the BB interact with my mail server? I can't remember if I gave telus my smtp server, username and password for retrieving and deleting my emails.

    On the BB, when you select an email, you have the option to "delete on mailbox and handset" or just "on handset"

    How is it possible for my BB to make a request to my mail server to delete a given email message?

    Where on my BB is the option to "leave messages on server"??? or does the bb even have this option...???

    ...after looking at my outlook settings, I already have the leave messages on server selected. But again... please take outlook out of the equation.

    NDO you are the only one posting replys and I thankyou for that... this issue is driving me nuts!
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    06-27-08 09:54 AM
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    I will get to your questions in my next post but before I can answer some of them i need to find out a few things.

    1. In your original post you mentioned you used MS outlook and that is why I suggested doing what I said. So am I to assume you dont use outlook at all?

    2. What webmail server are you using? Who hosts your email?

    3. How many days does your outlook state to leave the messages on the server. I know you're saying take outlook out of the equation but outlook may be your solution.

    Once you let me know I can make some suggestions so please get back to me.
    06-27-08 10:17 AM
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    1. I do use outlook but only on my laptop. Typically I use the hosted webmail server interface i.e. www. mydomain. com/webmail

    2. HMailServer hosted by MaximumASP (www .maximumasp. com)

    3. 30 days


    the reason i have to take outlook out of the equation is because my client is having the exact same problem as I and he only uses the webmail (and his bb obviously). my client was the first to notice this issue... i get so many emails that i never noticed. it is happening to me too though (verified on numerous occasions) so if i find the solution to my issue it will most likely solve his issue as well.
    06-27-08 10:27 AM
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    I'm stumped. A couple of things you can try are

    1 - Contact MaximumASP and see if they know how to resolve this.

    2 - If Telus is convinced this is a hardware issue have them replace your device and see if that works.

    Other than that I dont know how else to fix it. I was sure it had to do with outlook cause that fixed my problem but as you stated its not that. Wish I could help but as I stated at the top I'm stumped.

    Hope you get the issue resolved.

    Good Luck,
    06-27-08 03:22 PM
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    NDO, first of all I wanted to point out that what you suggested above to change the settings to leave a message on the server would have no baring on this perticular problem, because it's not the PC client that's polling the messages before the BB can, it's the other way around. The settings you indicated to change also have no baring on changes made to the server account. The changes you make in Outlook for leaving messages are static to just that Outlook profile. In other words, those settings are local and not part of anything to do with the actual server account behavior. Your post someone leads the reader to believe that this is the case... which it is not.

    Now, to the OP, from the sounds of this, it most definatly sounds like just a small glitch with the BIS server. The email comes to the email account and sits on the server mailbox, then the BIS server polls it and sends it to the BB... this is where the issue arises and it's probably something along the lines of the BIS server not leaving the message behind. By default, on POP3 accounts, mobile devices are automatically set to leave a copy on the server (very much the same as the settings in Outlook mentioned above). This however is not controlable on a BB or the BIS server config. So, now you're stuck with a "glitch" that "just happens".

    So, now that we're clear on what's going on, check the following. Make sure your Reconcile settings for the email account is set to delete on Handheld only (if you like your email to make it to your Outlook as well or still be available in Webmail), otherwise, when you delete on the handheld, that deltion will propage to the server mailbox if wireless reconcile is on. Second, make sure conflicts are set to Mailbox Wins. If either all of those are set properly and the problem still persists, then I suggest you delete the account in BIS and reset it back up. Then recheck the settings afterwards. (This last step would rule out some wacky corruption on the BIS server to email account polling config.)

    Good luck.
    06-27-08 04:58 PM
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    i am having the same problem, and telus seems to think it's somehow MY fault. First, I have a telus email account at work, and i recieve my telus email account from work to my personal BB.

    This whole process works JUST fine if i leave my computer on, with outlook open, i recieve a copy of the email to both my outlook, and my blackberry, the problems arise when I turn my computer OFF at work at night and go home.

    Then, when I receive a WORK related email while I am trying to enjoy my evening... the work email lands on the stupid BB and the BB appears to delete the message from the server, and PRESTO, it NEVER appears on my work computer (outlook).

    Seeing as I have both a TELUS BB and a TELUS email account at work.... i was assuming they would help me out.... but to no avail, the IT guy to do with the computer side says it's a BB problem, and he sends me to talk to the BB technician to tell me how to set the BB to "save a copy of the message on the server".

    Then i get the BB technician, who treats me like an *****... which i'm NOT, like, "Well you must have deleted the message from your handheld and the server" and i'm like "No, actually sir, i'm looking at a copy of the message in question on my BB as we speak, and it's NOT in my Outlook inbox in my computer... and as such, the BB is DEFINITELY deleting the message from the server or somesuch, so how do i fix it?" so he tells me to "reconcile now" which effectively deletes the message in question off of my BB and it never hit my outlook, so now i've permanently deleted the message in question COMPLETELY.

    Then he tells me I should go to the telus store and get them to give me a NEW blackberry.

    Thanks, but no thanks, it took me six months to figure this DAMN blackberry out, not really my idea of a good time to trade in Berry's every time something like YOUR ****ING SERVER doesn't work properly, and it's BOTH your *TELUS* server side problems, and you insult my intelligence, and make the problem WORSE, have absolutely ZERO ability to fix the problem, and i have to phone GD technical support for this GD Berry every third DAY.

    SHOOT ME!!!!

    Can someone help me out, because obviously TELUS thinks i'm ********.

    did you manage to fix this problem? it's DRIVING me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
    07-31-08 01:21 PM
  12. frauleinb's Avatar
    ps, i've already attempted to delete the email account and reapply it, i've already tested all the settings, i guess i'm just stuck with a "glitch" that just "happens"

    screw you telus, screw you BB.
    07-31-08 01:25 PM
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    Same problem with me, but because im from serbia there is a doubt that problem is in telus, problem is in BB device or BB mail service.
    08-01-08 04:29 AM
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    ok i think i might be having the same issue, randomly. BUt i am new so I do not know where to set it under conflicts so 'mailbox wins' can someone give me step by step for that please? thank you
    01-09-09 06:20 PM
  15. John Yester's Avatar
    Messages<Email Reconciliation<On Conflicts
    01-09-09 06:32 PM
  16. lschaefer33's Avatar
    thank you. i have opened the icon for the mail account. when the list of messages is displayed i press the menu button. there is a long list of options. the only one that mentions reconcile says 'reconcile now' it is third to the last, then there is switch application and last is close

    please advise what i am doing wrong? Thanks,
    01-12-09 08:06 AM
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    If you go into the menu. You need to go to options>email reconciliation. Then once you change the option to handheld wins, you back out and select reconcile now.
    08-10-09 05:36 PM
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    I am experiencing the exact same issue - sometimes Blackberry randomly deletes messages on my webmail server that I've read only on my Blackberry. Thanks.
    10-23-09 08:17 AM
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    After 4 months of using my Blackberry Bold with absolutely no problems, suddenly my Outlook stopped getting email sent to my gmail account if the Blackberry got them first. The messages were still visible in Gmail but Outlook was not 'seeing' them as new messages it needed to download.

    With the Blackberry out of the picture, the communication between Outlook and gmail was perfect...as always.

    It seemed clear that Blackberry was changing some flag on the email that Outlook interpreted as 'already got that one, no need to get it again' (I'm not technical enough to understand what it was actually doing)

    Solution: I deleted the email account on my Blackberry and reinstalled it. Now everything is working well as before.

    From what I've read here, I guess I'm just lucky.
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    06-05-10 11:12 AM
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    I am so frustrated, I have the same problem,. Emails are only appearing on blackberry, outlook and server (server only for 5 mins). 5 Minutes later the emails are all deleted/GONE from the server. Yes I have leave on server, at this point forever, until prob solved. I am missing communting home at this point and I read somewhere and did create a new account in OPutlook 2010, thought it was fixed, only for 5 minutes, then I read about changing the password on server, outlook then the blackberry - could be a fix, I now will lose a day of pay and sleep over this as I have to wait until the morning.

    PLEASE!!! Who's prob is this - Blackberry or MS Outlook as I know it's not my server as another email account that never had a blackberry try to sync, is fine - all emails on server and desktop.

    I appreciate any help!
    12-10-10 02:06 AM
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    Not sure why this worked. Went into email reconciliation options and set the default "Delete on Handheld" instead of prompting me for an answer each time. Now when I delete an email from my BB it does not delete it from my gmail or my other web based email account, it just deletes it on my BB.

    07-16-11 07:34 AM