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    I need some help and maybe someone could help me out with an answer. If there is another place in the forums this thread would be better placed, please let me know and I'll post it there/maybe a mod could tow it.

    Here is the problem. My boss and I both have the 8830 and it is set up with our microsoft exchange server to receive company email (BIS not BES). Everyone once in awhile, for whatever reason, the email link on the Blackberry stops communicating with the exchange server. Usually within a day, my boss tells me he's not getting his work emails so I log into his BIS account and reset the account. He then will get a dump to his BB from the exchange server of all the emails he receive while the link was disconnected. Normally this is not a big problem as it's only like 20 emails or so.

    Well today he comes in and says he's not getting email so I reset everything, and then about 10 mins later, he his phone starts dinging non-stop for about 20 mins straight receiving hundreds of emails.

    Quite a pain, especially if he just doesn't want to do a "delete prior" and get rid of them all.

    My question, is there something I can do, before resinking the email once it's become disconnected that will not have the microsoft exchange server dump every email he received on the exchange server, to his BB, while it was disconnected?

    I unfortunately read tons of threads where someone asks for help, and there are tons of responses where people either say "I don't know, wish I could help" or give speculative answers that they are unsure of. I haven't stopped you on the street and asked for directions, where you need to respond "sorry I don't know, wish I could help." You wouldn't call into a radio station contest if you didn't know the answer and say "I wish I did, but I don't." So please in the effort of not wasting time, or me randomly trying someone's "best guess" and possibly make things worse/more confusing, please only respond if you know the definite answer/solution. Thanks!
    05-11-09 11:45 AM
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    Seriously no one can help me with this?
    06-17-09 04:04 PM