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    I have a feeling that there is something using up a lot of memory somewhere on my phone, 8830. App world was saying that I only had 200 and some kb. I read the article about free up memory and I did a bunch of stuff. Deleted some apps, cleared all my e-mails, messages and call logs. I basically followed all of the instructions on cleaning up space, and I still only had a few MB. So I thought I would try deleting more apps and see what happened, I deleted facebook and ebay and a bunch of others. I still only have 10MB free. This is not enough - I want facebook and ebay back, but I feel like I should somehow have more space. I have no music or pictures on here either. The phone is with Telus - so I have telus application (which I could live without if I could figure out how to get them off and stay off), Setup wizzard, the facebook icon to push it and get you to install it, messages, and then three e-mail accounts all of with no message right now, Google Talk, Compose, and saved message (empty), Call log (empty), Blackberry messenger (no conversations), Calendar (empty), AddressBook ( about 25 contacts), Browser, Media (empty), Vocie Note Recorder, Profiles, Tasks, Memo Pad, Alarm, Voice Dialing, Calculator, Search, Blackberry App World, Mobipocket reader, Brain Challenge Vol 2, Blackberry Help (I thought I deleted this but it's back!), Windows LIve Messenger ( not actually installed) , My Space (not actually installed), E-mail Settings, Zoompass (again not installed), Options, Set Up Bluetooth, manage Connections, Lock, Turn Power Off, and Yahoo!Messenger (not actually installed). How much space should I have - from what I have read there should be more. What is my next step, it seems like something is wasting memory. Any ideas?

    03-21-10 01:04 AM
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    Help is a very small file, but if you thought you deleted it and it's still there, then something didn't work. Run the App Loader again and see if anything else you thought you deleted is still there. If you don't use it, the Voice Dialing app is fairly large. A thoroughly cleaned 8830 running OS 4.5 should have around 20 MB file free before you start adding apps. My 8830 would work with as little as 8 MB file free, but keeping file free greater than 10 MB is recommended.

    The CrackBerry Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig is a good guide to cleaning up your 8830.
    03-21-10 07:51 AM
  3. keizerna's Avatar
    Thanks - I used Memmax and got rid of voice dailing and a bit more stuff. Now I have 14 MB - I am going to put the apps that I took off back on and hope for the best.
    03-21-10 01:18 PM
  4. 2000 Man's Avatar
    The 8830 works just fine below 2MB free.
    03-21-10 07:59 PM