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    Ok, so I had no connected my phone to a computer for months after my last laptop hard drive died. I downloaded all the latest software from Verizon yesterday and it did mega updates on my BB- took quite a while to finish.

    Then I start getting an error message on boot telling me that the media card is corrupt and saying I need to put it in a computer and check for errors. So, I do that, and it finds and fixes errors. I put it back in the BB and I get the same error message and it cannot find my pix, music, ring tones, nada....

    I can, however, find them by connecting to my computer. So I downloaded all the files off the media card, and then formatted the card (Fat 32). I put the card back in the BB and it created all it's standard folders again.

    I then used DM Media Manager to start reinstalling all my files. It took fooooooooooorever. That Roxio crap is sooooo slow. Anyway, after it was finished, my phone hard locked. The only thing that would reset it was a battery pull. Reinstalled the battery and it did it again. I can do it over and over again and always get the same result. It's fine for about a minute and then hard lock. Nothing responds. It won't even receive calls.

    So I took the media card out and the phone is fine again. So what's going on, and will I ever be able to get all my files back on the media card again?
    10-24-09 05:11 AM
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    Well, I guess it's not Media Manager, but the latest phone OS update that is crap. If anything is loaded on the media card, the phone locks up tight after a few minutes. Anyone know how I can get an older version of the OS? I've tried reinstalling it and get the same problems. So as of now I have no music, pictures, or ringtones on my phone. What a joke. Don't they test the OS before they send it out? Thanks Verizon for screwing up my phone.
    10-24-09 09:44 PM