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    So I have an 8830 WE, used as a phone/texting device only (ie no data) for over 3 years and have never backed up the address book. The USB is broken - fixed once, broke again, so I charge it in a cradle now. Scroll ball doesn't work either - I have to use the lower R return key and BB menu key to perform operations.

    I want to back up the address book so I can load it in a new smartphone... (not sure which sort yet - might be android or iphone) and own a MAC computer. I downloaded BB desktop manager 2.1.3 and it tells me to connect the device with a USB cable - which I can't do. How can I back up the address book (and notes/music) without a USB and if I do, will it be in a loadable version for a non BB device, or will I have to do some other conversion? Are there any known glitches to any of this transferring of address book data?
    10-02-11 12:31 AM