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    Hi Guys, recently i update my os on my blackberry 8820 4.22 to 4.5.182. I follow all the instruction download the os software load it. The problem is when i switch on my bb, the software run well except the network coverage is off. When i go in the menu for network i realise my phone didn't detect any network and if i switch on the network the bb swich off because of no network coverage and re initialise. When it didn't detect no network it swich off again it's like that my phone is lock. So i have to update again my phone with the software so to be able to swich it on again . Help me please !!!
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    01-25-10 04:17 AM
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    You should try doing this:
    Do a battery pull, if that doesn't work you should reset the device to factory-defualts or wipe the device.

    And finally if that doesn't work, load the 4.5 OS again

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    02-04-10 02:20 PM
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    We can unlock it for you as well. Good luck.
    02-09-10 06:11 PM
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    For NO reason at all..I lose signal on my BB Torch. it just turns itself OFF..anyone else have this problem? If so, what you do about it?
    06-11-11 02:53 PM
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    Please pay attention to the forum you're posting in.

    Call your carrier.
    06-11-11 11:38 PM