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    Hey this is my first post here. I got an 8820 tmo with os 4.5 used about 3 weeks ago and I love it. However it has some quirks, the biggest one I just experienced today.

    I had used it to make a call earlier in the day and put it on my belt clip and went about my business. Later when I went to my desk, I pulled it out and noticed I had no signal only sos.

    I thought that odd since there is plenty of cell coverage in the area and I've used it in my office plenty. I thought maybe there was a tmobile outage but a quick call to the wife ruled that out.

    So I pulled the battery and put it back in and waited for the device to boot up. When it did it said initialization failed where it usually sez tmobile. I checked the options under mobile network and it was set to at&t!

    I set it to manually search for network and it timed out twice before I pulled the battery again. I waited patiently and crossed my fingers when I put it back in. It worked like normal this time thank God and in a matter of moments I was back on EDGE.

    This has me worried big time.


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    05-06-09 04:36 PM