1. lostgen60's Avatar
    8830, verizon and enterprise server:

    On the road recently all but 3 day's email on my 8830 disappeared. (no clue how) My laptop outlook file has not sync'd with the server yet, so the email I lost remains there. Is there any way to make sure that my laptop outlook email isn't deleted when I connect to the enterprise server at work? I would also like to sync so that I get the email back on the BB.

    Sorry for what I'm sure sounds like an ***** question, but I'm the the point of phobic....thanks!
    07-31-10 02:13 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Even if the laptop email does delete when you connect to the server, it should all just go into your deleted items folder. You can drag it back to your inbox. I've had to do that before. Unfortunately the BlackBerry is smart enough that it will ignore messages that were once deleted, even if you drag them back to the Outlook Inbox. The only way I know to get them back in the BlackBox Messages folder is to forward them to yourself. I've done that too.
    07-31-10 08:59 PM