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    Hi all,

    I'm a support employee and have to support our company's blackberry users.
    Now I have this colleague who locks her blackberry al the time, and I have to reset the blackberry-password each time. It's getting a tedious and repetitive job. According to her, she needs to password protect her device (because of the confidential data on the device, which I can understand) and she claims that she never enters the wrong passwords. But somehow the device gets locked out verry easy. The last few days we've had multiple calls from her.

    She has a blackberry 8820 and the firmware is, and the BEs server says that she has no Security Password
    The default lock keys do not seem to work for her.

    I've tried so far:
    but it's under settings - security options - general settings - and set the Lock Handheld Upon Holstering to Yes.

    On Suretype devices, like the 7100 or the Pearl, you can hold down the * key and the device will lock, AllBlackBerry.com points out. On Qwerty devices like the 8700, hold down the Alt-key and the Enter-key.
    source: hxxp://blogs.zdnet.com/blackberry/?p=207

    If you are going to keep the phone in your pocket, press and hold the mute key on the top of your phone. This will put the phone in standby mode and prevent accidental key presses.
    source: hxxp://supportforums.blackberry.com/rim/board/message?board.id=8300&thread.id=16695

    Also when you hit the lock icon on the desktop it locks the phone. You can also just press the "k" key and it will also lock the phone. Much easier than looking for icon. I never realized there was a keypad lock. The lock function locks the phone until password is entered.
    source: hxxp://forums.crackberry.com/f61/set-keypad-lock-password-14072/

    any idea's or just some random thoughts are appreciated.

    thanks in advance,
    04-21-09 07:44 AM