1. GabrielB's Avatar
    How do I go about uploading these to my BB? I have tried sending to my unit as an e-mail attachment and continually get error messages when trying to open the attachment ("An unknows error was detected").

    Any insight?


    10-31-07 09:53 AM
  2. SK1's Avatar
    Use that desktop manager that came with your BlackBerry. If you need the latest version, you'll find it here BlackBerry® Software Updates
    10-31-07 10:03 AM
  3. GabrielB's Avatar
    I tried that, but the desktop manager wouldn't let me upload them. Is there something I may be doing wrong? I have the music in MP3 format, but can't seem to get them successfully on there.

    Could I just load them onto my MicroSD card and use them that way?

    Thanks again!

    10-31-07 11:10 AM
  4. SK1's Avatar
    Gabriel, let me ask you this. Have you formated your micro SD card in the BlackBerry? If you have then yes you can manually put them in there through your PC and card reader.
    10-31-07 11:13 AM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Also, when you connect the BlackBerry to a PC, you'll get a message on the BlackBerry screen that says, "do you want to enable mass storage?". You MUST say yes...

    Also, check your settings for your card - options / media card...
    10-31-07 11:27 AM
  6. GabrielB's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses guys:

    No, I haven't formatted the card yet...it is still in the packaging, as I just purchased the phone this weekend.

    I will look for the mass storage notation and agree to it. I don't remember it asking me for that when I initially set it up, but I may not have been paying close enough attention to the setup.

    We'll give it a shot tonight and see what we can figure out. :thumbup:

    10-31-07 06:43 PM
  7. nplmdude's Avatar
    It was my understanding that mp4 was the supported format (8830 here). I ran my mp3s thru an app that converts any format to any format. Once in the mp4, all is good. That's all I know, bud.
    11-02-07 03:43 PM
  8. TejasMike's Avatar
    I just got Honda Civic where you can put PC card to mp3

    How do you put the mp3s on the card from your computer

    What would i need to do that as far as cord etc
    03-30-08 09:52 AM
  9. Timewalk's Avatar
    I have always just copy and pasted my MP3's from my Computer, directly to MicroSD..
    It will show up as a removable disk...
    03-30-08 10:42 AM
  10. TejasMike's Avatar
    Do I have to drag mp3s or can I drag folders that have mp3 in them

    like a George Strait CD with a certain lp title?
    03-30-08 05:14 PM
  11. Timewalk's Avatar
    It's actually better to drag MP3's/Mass Files in folders...
    03-30-08 05:35 PM
  12. TejasMike's Avatar

    I had problem after i tried it

    i put the card in the opening and it wouldnt recognize and i cant get it to eject
    so will have to take car back to dealer to have them remove it
    03-30-08 06:09 PM
  13. caroe's Avatar
    ok im new i got my blackberry phone as a hand me down so i dont got the software to install and here is what im tryin to do first make my own ringtones like chop them and edited them then load them as ringtones on my phone then i wanna put full mp3 songs on my phone and eventually learn how to put videos on my phone anyone that can help please tell me step by step dont answer with a link or three word responses
    03-30-08 09:37 PM
  14. ralgal123's Avatar
    is there a way to do it without the stupid cord? Because I dont have one!
    09-20-10 07:19 PM