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    I bought English Words from the crackberry store but cannot figure out how to get the folder with the dictionary data loaded on the device so the app can access it. I've contacted vendor support and they give me same info as in the readme file -- tells me to use Roxio media manager to move the folder:

    Copy the "englishwords" folder that you find in this ZIP package either to
    the device's memory (under /store/home/user), or to the external SD card (under the root folder).
    Use the Roxio Media Manager (installed with the latest versions of the Desktop Manager)
    to copy the files, or use the File Manager software offered by your computer's operating system
    (for example Windows Vista allows you to access the device's internal memory and the SD card
    as they were normal drives). Once done, disconnect the device from the computer.

    I don't have an SD card, so I tried moving it to device memory. the only folder I see is called "documents", so I put it there but nothing happens. how do I move it to "/store/home/user"? is there something else I need to know about how to use media manager? I just don't think I am seeing what the directions suggest I should be seeing.

    Please help!

    09-15-09 02:02 PM