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    Well just thought I'd post here and let everyone know I've finally switched to Blackberry. I have been using the Moto Q since it came out a few years ago, and although I was never completely happy with it I was very complacent with its performance. Ever since the Blackberry Storm was announced last Spring I had been waiting to finally switch over, and was utterly disappointed with it once I finally got it on release date. Suffice to say it was returned promptly and I have since opted for the 8830 as it was only $100 on Clist, and it is not only in immaculate condidtion but so far this phone is so much better than my Motorola (big surprise there heh).

    Anyways enough of that, I was just also coming here to find out if there's anything I might be initially missing out on with this phone as far as cool things that can be done with it or important features/updates I might want to grab. I have been reading the forums for a bit now and have installed the bPhone (today) theme with the Grape background image and it looks fantastic. [ rogersmj(dot)com/tech/blackberry/ ] and [ crackberry(dot)com/wallpaper-colors-patterns-grape ]

    I've been reading the tips and tricks thread but if there's any other quick things I should know about my new phone please feel free to share.
    01-02-09 06:15 AM
  2. latina berry's Avatar
    Since you're new, Welcome to CB!
    01-02-09 10:50 AM
  3. WE8830SILVER's Avatar
    welcome to the addiction, the easiest way to fnid out what is missing from your device is to use it for a bit and really get to know your device
    01-03-09 03:02 PM
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    Welcome aboard and to the 88xx series. Also, cruise around this site. You will pick up a lot of tips and tricks for your phone.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-03-09 03:10 PM