1. spicytofu21's Avatar
    Talk about a few years old right! Truth be told, I miss my 8830. I've had the Pearl, Curve 9300 and presently the Torch 9810, and simply put, the 8830 was the best BB I've ever owned. Sure the lack of camera sucked, and my music would always get choppy when I didn't have signal. But as a young adult, in downtown Toronto, you pull it out amongst all the business professionals and you feel at home. It enabled me to feel elitist, though I was working for a noble not-for-profit cause. It helped me command respect from those making the big bucks.

    This is just a shout out!

    Anyone feel the 8800/20/30 look should return triumphantly?
    04-21-12 08:14 PM
  2. ouk's Avatar
    Yep. Would like the look and feel of this device with all the features of a new Bold. The only BB that's easier for me to type on is my old 7250.
    05-03-12 05:57 PM
  3. seelinger's Avatar
    Agreed, that's why I still use my 8830 (well the 3rd one, I keep buying them used)...can't stand touch screen phones...
    06-19-12 11:43 AM
  4. Etienne Steyn's Avatar
    I have two BB8830 WE. If you need to replace yours you can contact me at esteyn64@gmail.com
    12-22-12 08:04 AM
  5. r0k's Avatar
    I also have a BB8830 WE. It turns on but would't hold a charge the last time I tried using it. Suitable for parts. PM me for details.
    02-04-13 01:38 PM