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    I use an orange branded 8820. As soon as i turn it on it tell me battery drained needs to recharge and it goes off. I have been charging it for days but i still get the same message when i take the charger out. I have even bought anew battery but im still getting the same message. Somebody help me out!!!!

    When I put my battery in another 8820 the battery is fully charged. I have swaped with fully charged batteries but i still keep getting "battery drained". I have tried my charger on other blackberrys and it works fine.
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    08-18-09 05:09 AM
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    Try an exernal charger, it sounds like your phone isn't ever actually charging the phone.

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    08-18-09 07:32 AM
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    You probably either have a bad USB port or a bad charger from the sound of it.

    There are services that can repair the USB if that is the case, or you can purchase a charging ppd to cherge using the rear contacts.

    A bad charger, of course, is easily replaced.

    And then there is the above option of purchasing a standalone charger and a spare battery.

    Best of luck in whichever option solves your dilemma.

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    08-18-09 07:55 AM