1. vikahl's Avatar
    I am having major sync issues with 8830. How can I wipe out the handheld??
    Does anybody know how to fix the outlook sync problem?
    06-27-07 09:21 AM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Did you even search? Also, you do know that calling Verizon at 611 would have given you this answer also.


    Options/Security/General Settings Then hit the BB Menu key and choose Wipe Handheld from the menu.

    This will wipe the handheld of all personal data and settings.
    06-27-07 09:31 AM
  3. docroty's Avatar
    how do u reinstall after wiping everything?
    06-27-07 03:55 PM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Install Desktop Manager / Install the OS for the device, delete the vendor.xml file, and then connect the BlackBerry. It's pretty much next, next, next...
    06-27-07 04:58 PM
  5. docroty's Avatar
    so just to be clear....i install the cd with the desktop manager and os on my computer..where do i find the vendor file and I delete it from my computer or bberry? Then I connect the usb cable to my bberry, right?

    thx in advance
    06-27-07 06:15 PM
  6. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    OMFG!!!! There's no software to reinstall on the Blackberry. The wipe on the menu is not a BB wipe. IT'S A DATA/CONFIG WIPE!!! The Blackberry will go back to the way it was when you took it out of the Verizon box. It will still be setup for cellular service for your phone number, but that's it.

    As for Blackberry Desktop, if you absolutely want to reinstall that, uninstall it through Add/Remove Programs and answer YES to when it asks to delete all User Preferences and Settings. Then just reinstall the program. That's all you have to do. Either that or delete the connection conduit profile from the RIM directory in the Program Files/Common directory. The connection profile is what keeps the config for the respective PIN/BB associated with Blackberry Desktop.

    Anything else?
    06-27-07 06:29 PM
  7. tommyjlee's Avatar
    So, is there anyway to wipeout my blackberry and reinstall OS (firmware) completely?

    The reason I want to do this is because I have mistakenly activated my BB with my company through USB connection to my (company) PC. What I was supposed to do was to do it wirelessly.

    After realizing the mistake I wanted to delete or undo the activation but of course, it doesn't work.

    So, I wanted to wipeout everything on BB and download the latest Desktop Manager and reinstall everything so that everything single thing is back to the factory setting.

    I did it and realized that after all that work, my corporate phone lists, calendar, activation and everything else is saved back up to my BB.

    So, I guess I want to know how to completely make my BB to factory setting in which doesn't have any of my data. Does the HARD-reset do it? even the activation information??
    07-11-07 08:39 PM
  8. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    The BES server is resending the stuff to your phone. You will have to get the BES admins to take the phone off the BES server config. Then do the reset like I told you above and resetup everything. There is a way to wipe the OS off the BB and reload it, but even that will not fix the issue you're having. The reset I spoke about above will wipe the entire config/personalization off the phone and make is just like it was when Verizon gave it to you. Also, the BES crap is just service books which you can easily just delete. You probably made the mistake of installing Desktop Manager with BES option instead of BIS (INTERNET) when it asked you to. Everyone makes that mistake because THEY DON'T READ THE MANUAL.
    07-12-07 10:42 AM
  9. half's Avatar

    The easiest thing to do is to have the BES admin perform a wipe and disable handheld.

    Although if that is unavailable, just perform the wipe yourself. (options => security options => general settings => menu wipe handheld )

    Either of these options will "wipe" the device to factory settings, but it will NOT remove the OS. The phone will stay activated with your service provider, but it will no longer be activated on the BES. You will need to get another activation password sent to you by the admin.

    This answers your question about wiping, but it does not get to the bottom of things. The real question is why you think activating your blackberry via the usb desktop manager is different than activating OTA. From my experience it results in the same thing.

    What are you trying to achieve by activating OTA vs USB? What do you think will be different?
    07-12-07 11:36 AM
  10. tommyjlee's Avatar
    JRSCC and Half. Thanks!

    Both of your replies helped me fix the issue. I am now able to receive my corporate emails as well as my personal POP3 emails.
    07-12-07 01:03 PM
  11. Pordinor's Avatar
    thank u - much appreciated!

    Did you even search? Also, you do know that calling Verizon at 611 would have given you this answer also.


    Options/Security/General Settings Then hit the BB Menu key and choose Wipe Handheld from the menu.

    This will wipe the handheld of all personal data and settings.
    01-15-09 12:33 AM
  12. petty43's Avatar
    I need to wipe my 8830 before returning it under warranty replacement.

    The problem is some of the keys aren't working so I can't enter "blackberry" when prompted at Security -> General Settings -> Wipe Handheld

    I've tried cutting and pasting, but can't get a paste menu to come up for that entry.

    Is there another way to wipe via software or hardware reset?

    Many thanks!
    01-22-09 11:48 AM
  13. jeffh's Avatar
    If you can get the right keys to work, set a password. Then enter it wrong ten times. That will trigger the same wipe.

    You can also connect to a computer and wipe using CrackMem. The problem with that is that it will remove the OS from your phone. That might invalidate your warranty claim. So try the first option first.
    01-22-09 01:13 PM
  14. petty43's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff.

    This worked to a point -- I think my data is still there. After putting in bogus passwords 10 times, it's now asking me to enter 'blackberry' to continue.

    I think if I could actually do that it would wipe the data.

    Nothing super confidential in there anyway, so I think I'll leave it as is.

    Thanks for your help!
    01-23-09 02:26 PM
  15. jeffh's Avatar
    I was afraid that might happen. If you were unable to enter "blackberry" your data is still there. I haven't had to wipe mine in a long time, and I didn't want to wipe it to test. I couldn't remember if you'd be asked for that again or not.
    01-23-09 02:29 PM
  16. jimmyreb's Avatar
    My buddy has the world, it doesn't load past the hourglass. So a lot of the reset methods won't work. I'm hoping there is a reset button I'm not seeing. Any insights?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-07-09 12:18 AM
  17. jeffh's Avatar
    There's not a reset button, but taking the battery out will force a reboot. Have you tried that?
    12-07-09 09:01 AM
  18. tiggermanic's Avatar
    if you use the wipe feature on the 8830, do you have to reload the OS on the phone? Or is there a way to just delete all personal info?
    03-16-10 04:57 PM
  19. jeffh's Avatar
    Performing the security wipe on your 8830 will not affect your OS nor cause you to have to reload it. A security wipe removes only your personal data, which sounds like what you want to accomplish.
    03-16-10 07:59 PM