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    I have a 8820 which was my office BB but I got a new official bb so the company let me have the 8820 but will not provide any support for it.

    How do I remove the IT policy from my 8820 to be able to use it as my personal bb?

    I read in another forum that you need OS 4.3 or greater to remove the IT policy. The OS on my 8820 is v4.2.2169 (Platform Also read that you need desktop manager and some other stuff to backup and perform some other tasks, then install OS 4.3 and then remove the policy.

    Since this is now my personal bb I don't have any software or CD for it except the instrument itself. I am guessing I need to install some software on my pc, backup to be able to remove IT policy.

    Where can I get the software for what I have to install it on a PC.

    This might also be a dumb question but what is the connection with a pc and a blackberry to install/ backup etc?

    If there is some intro doc that explains this it would be great.

    04-03-10 02:16 PM
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    The latest OS for the 8820 and instructions for installing it are given in sticky at the top of this forum. I closed the identical thread you created in the business users forum.

    You normally connect your 8820 to a PC using a USB cable.
    04-03-10 03:54 PM
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    I read the sticky( not fully yet)

    clicked on the link 'For the best installation procedure click here.'

    and at the top it says

    Download and INSTALL the latest 8100 OS, Application

    Is this for 8100 or will it work for 8820 as well?
    04-03-10 08:13 PM
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    Sorry, that is a little confusing. Download your 8820 OS, then use the 8820 OS instead of the 8100 OS that Wulf references. In other words, follow his procedure, but use your 8820 OS.
    04-03-10 08:25 PM
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    This maybe a dumb question relating to the instructions.

    Download and INSTALL the latest 8100 OS, Application
    Download and install Desktop Manager 4.6 without Media Manager
    Download and install CrackMem, you'll find the download file at the bottom of the first post

    All these are to be INSTALLED on the PC. Correct ? or they have to be installed on the BB?
    04-03-10 11:46 PM
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    You are correct. The OS, Desktop Manager, and CrackMem are all installed on your PC. DM 4.6 is specified because that is the last DM version that does not try to update your OS for you. That feature works against what you are trying to do. If you are using a later DM version, you can either install it without the option to auto update, or disconnect your PC from the internet while performing this procedure.
    04-04-10 07:29 AM
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    Thanks. I installed the first 3 as suggested. Have to still do the rest. Also I unchecked 'check for software updates' on the final screen for DM install so I guess so far I should be good.

    One quick thought that came to my mind. Since this bb is not being used as of now because I have a newer office bb the phone connection on the instrument is also inactive as it was switched to my new bb.

    I read this section in the instructions

    'Shortly after the process finishes up, you should receive a message in you inbox to let you know your device is registered with your carrier's network.
    If not, go to options, advanced, host routing table, press the Menu key, select Register. Your service books will be sent from your carrier.

    Does this mean that once the upgrade is done my organization IT policy is removed and also since this bb is now essentially my personal bb do I need to register or create an account with RIM web site or my carrier (AT&T) for any of the above to happen?

    04-04-10 10:22 AM
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    Also I read this.

    'Groups have become a real problem during an upgrade, so my recommendation is to ensure Remote Backup is enabled, and you have a BlackBerry address registered. Delete BBM from your application list, and then load it OTA afterward.'

    What does BlackBerry address registered mean?

    Do I need to create an account with RIM and register my bb with it? Since this bb must have been registered with my organization if I register the same bb as my personal bb will that not trigger an alarm with my organization?
    04-04-10 11:08 AM
  9. jeffh's Avatar
    You need to sign up for a BlackBerry data account with your carrier. Then you can register your BlackBerry. If your employer has not released the PIN, your carrier may be able to do that for you, or they may require you to get your employer to do it, since the employer originally registered the device.
    04-04-10 11:34 AM
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    I don't intend to use this bb actively as of now. i just want to have it be be unlocked which it already is and be without an IT policy restriction so when I need to use this instrument as a replacement for another personal phone I can.

    Can i not accomplish this without signing up for an account and register the instrument as of now?

    04-04-10 12:03 PM
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    I don't know. Try it and see.
    04-04-10 12:08 PM
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    The process described by BigBadWulf is about upgrading the OS and not necessarily removing the IT policy? Does the upgrade remove th IT policy?
    04-05-10 07:32 PM
  13. fedge's Avatar
    04-05-10 07:37 PM
  14. bb8820janet's Avatar
    Thanks. this talks about wiping the device.

    BigBadWulf does not recommend it unless absolutely necessary but then again he has talked about upgrading the OS and not how to remove the IT policy. Also his instructions seem to be much more detailed that the link you provided.

    e.g. select Application Loader, and follow the prompts - when i select App Loader there are 2 options - Add/Remove Applications and Update Applications.

    Which one am I choosing?

    04-05-10 07:53 PM
  15. fedge's Avatar
    not to sure i never had a bb that was stuck with an it policy but i gave that link to someone on the forums with the same problem and they said it worked wonderful, just trying to give you options
    04-05-10 08:00 PM
  16. jeffh's Avatar
    Method One in the procedure that fedge linked for you only mentions wiping the device to say that you do not have to do it. I recommend you follow that procedure, since wulf's is an upgrade procedure, not an IT policy removal procedure.
    04-05-10 09:38 PM
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    thanks. Can I remove the SIM before following Method One to try the removal of IT policy?
    04-05-10 11:17 PM
  18. jeffh's Avatar
    I don't know why you couldn't remove the SIM, nor do I know any reason you'd need to. But I only use CDMA phones, so I don't have much knowledge of SIM cards.
    04-06-10 12:04 PM
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    Sorry to bother everyone years later, but I was wondering if it would be possible to re-post the sticky. I tried using the current one, but the links lead to no where.
    Or any instructions on how to turn off the firewall for the 8820. Everything I have found leads to dead links.

    03-19-13 02:25 PM