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    EDIT: This worked. Once dry everything was perfect. As of now (October 2010) I haven't had any trouble with the phone...in fact this was the only time I had any trouble. I was able to find the little trackball part that I needed also. I took the phone with me around the world and was able to get a few weeks out of a single charge (turning it off when not in use). I also kept the phone in a watertight container when not in use. Today I bought another one as a backup because I made a mistake and broke the USB jack (which I will eventually be fixing by soldering in a new one).

    I am determined to fix this phone and I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding solutions...so please post if you have ideas.

    This thread is to track my progress through this issue, because I am determined to find a solution.

    Purchased the phone out of warranty, so no hope of a replacement. I'm not your 'average' user. I'm tough on everything I own, so maybe a blackberry wasn't the best choice...I keep it in my pocket and otherwise use it like an average phone. Well, last night I paid the price for doing this.

    The trackball works directionally, but nothing when I press it down (frustrating, but at least I have the Enter key). The escape key also doesn't work (a real pain to workaround). Last night right after I noticed the problem the LED was also flickering (not an issue for functionality...but a bit of a concern). This morning everything worked for about 2 mintues and stopped working again. Now, I had read this was a common problem, and figured I was going to have to live with it...until I realized the 0 button isn't working and I had to draw the line there since my area code has a 0 in it...time to have some fun

    I've read that this issue is a telltale sign of water damage...well, at least water where it shouldn't be. I didn't really get the phone wet but it was in a moist environment for a few hours...so maybe this is it. I've heard of people being able to take it apart and dry it out, so that's basically what I'm trying to do now. However, I also realized the keyboard PCB is seperate from the 'main brain' (contains the actual keyboard contacts, trackball connection, and LED) and I found it online for $30 shipped. It will take 1-2 weeks to get here though.

    So...right now it's completely taken apart and drying...if that works I'll follow up with the details, if not, I'll follow up with the keyboard PCB replacement details. If nothing else I'm hoping to narrow down this problem, but I've got my money on the keyboard PCB possibly having moisture under the contacts, or maybe at the wire ribbon connection.

    Either way, I'm hoping this will help someone else when we get to the bottom of it, or, if you have any experiences or ideas please share!
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    Ok, so after taking the blackberry fully apart (we're talking stripped down as far as you can go without de-soldering anything) I put it into my toaster oven, with the heat on as low as possible (maybe 100 degrees - not uncomfortable with hand in toaster), and left it there for an hour or two.

    After putting it back together, it didn't work. However, after a couple of hours it started working again. In retrospect, I'd let it dry for longer, and after a couple hours push all the buttons. It has been a day, and it appears to be working fine now. Still, I've ordered the new part and if it acts up again I'll post an update...but I'm still leaning towards this being an issue with the keyboard PCB (BTW, the non-OEM PCB without the frame can be found on Ebay for less than $15 shipped).
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    I know I appreciate the information. Good luck and keep us updated.

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    well sounds very familiar except i got drops of water on mine from picking it up as it rang when i just got ouf the shower .... so taking it apart some how lets it dry better? it has been a week since I got drops of water on it and it still isnt working so should i try taking it apart?
    11-06-08 10:41 PM
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    I had dropped mines in water and from what i learned working at VW.. 1st thing to do is take out the battery and let it sit out for about 12hrs.. It worked for me and my phone perfectly fine now
    11-08-08 11:09 PM
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    And to drcustom.. thanks for the info
    11-08-08 11:10 PM
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    just an update...its been over a month and everything is still working just fine.
    12-19-08 11:19 AM
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    I have picked up probably 10 phones on ebay that said they had water damage, but, so far have only had 3 of them that would not work after taking them apart and inspecting them. One the RF boxes on the PCB were rusted (had to be sitting in water for a while for that to happen).
    12-20-08 12:01 AM
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    Would you be willing to send me the PCB from one of the busted ones? All I actually need is the little metal piece under the trackball. It's the part the actually gives the trackball the 'click' feel...looks like it's part of the sensor, covered in a yellowish brown piece of tape...while cleaning mine the tape let go and I lost it!

    So now my trackball is super unreliable...sometimes it will select with barely any pressure, and other times it won't select without a big hassle. I miss my trackball and this little piece is all i need to make it work again :

    EDIT: I found the little metal tab that I needed. In the meantime, I just put a little piece of plastic bag (electrical tape would have been best) between the trackball contact and sensor connection...this disabled the trackballs 'push down' feature. I had to re-learn to use the 'enter' key instead of the trackball but the phone still had 100% functionality! Now that I have the little metal piece that I needed the trackball is working perfectly.
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    PM me and we can work something out.
    12-22-08 07:21 AM
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    This thread has been very insightful for me as i've sort of had a similar issue. Except with my phone, I can push down on the track ball and it will click. HOWEVER, i can't turn the ball in any direction. It simply does not work. And right now my trackball is not in at all and the icons will radically highlight back and forth really fast without me touching anything!

    I' ve had to order a new ring that goes around the trackball, as well as what the trackball goes inside of. (sorry, i have no idea what those parts are called.)

    I'm still waiting to receive the parts. But does anyone happen to know if this will fix anything? Im thinking i may be missing a key piece that works the sensor properly. Help!!
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    i just dropped my phone into water, after a few hours everything started to work again. The only thing that isnt working is my ball isnt responding when i move it to the right.

    Know what to do?
    06-10-09 06:22 PM
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    hello, so my like blackberry's keyboard stopped working like a couple days ago. I was like at a polo match looking into the distant and not paying attention at like the polo game except the team black swatch. As i was posing for a pictture i recieved a bbm. I was trying to like BBM but the keyboard wasnt working so i screamed WAIT WHAT. When i got home i submerged my phone in water, then put it in the dryer, then covered it with sand, and put it in my stove at a minimum temperature at like 750 degrees. Once lightly heated i let it cool and to my amazment it worked. Now i can BBM people.
    08-17-10 04:56 PM
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    Wow that like totally worked i like cannot believe it! But like my problem is like so way bigger. First i like threw my blackberry at like a wall because it was like not posing at a flattering angle. But i like dont pretend my phone is like nacho. Nacho is like this great polo star who is also like a model. He is like so amazing but then i like found out he was married and i was like wait what? So like just do what poloismylife said and it will like automatically be fixed. Yay!
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    Wait what you like Nacho too! Thats like so Cooll. WAIT WHAT you pose too. I hate when you pose and its not at like the correct like anggle thats why i use pict tures to help. I guess like you can say this is the like 25th person who tried my advice and their blackberry was fixed.
    08-22-10 05:42 AM
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    I can't say anything for these polo lovers, but for those wondering about the trackball it can get clogged up with junk...you can search to find info on removing the ball and cleaning it. If that doesn't work (it usually does) the replacement trackball parts are easy to come by and cheap...I actually went to a provider and asked if I could buy the part...they gave me the trim ring and trackball AND even replaced it at no charge...it wasn't even my cell phone provider!
    10-27-10 04:17 PM
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    Hi not sure if i'm going about this the right way but want to post a question

    my 8800 will go to applications then when i click on an icon will get stuck on one of my contacts

    i push delete and ihihihihihihihih comes up

    push end call button goes back to applications

    have removed battery 5 times

    have also alt aA Del for soft reset

    driving me nuts as i run a marquee hire business so on site a lot and can't contact clients, staff, sub contractors, no e-mail either

    do i need a new phone (not good as money tight as now in quite season)

    if i have posted incorrectley then sorry but first time on any forum
    11-18-10 05:08 PM
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    You might have better luck starting a new post with the details of the problem you are having, but I did see similar issues with mine when it got wet initially...did your phone get wet/damp? If so, you might be able to try drying it out like I described. If that doesn't work, it could be an issue with the keyboard itself (NOTE: the keyboard can also be replaced instead of drying). For $10-$20 you can get a new keyboard (not the keys, the actual keyboard behind the keys). In either case, you'll have to take apart the phone which requires a special tiny screw driver (I think I bought mine at Home Depot...but you have to be pretty comfortable working with things if you are taking your phone apart).

    As a last resort, I've heard people have luck putting wet phones into a bag of rice overnight or for a couple days...but I have no idea if that actually works or not...my gut says maybe because the rice pulls the moisture out of the phone but not nearly as well as taking it apart and really drying it out.

    If not wet, an option might be upgrading the OS, assuming you don't have the latest. Lastly, if you don't feel comfortable working with this type of thing it might not hurt to take out the trackball (by carefully prying/lifting out the trackball cover) and make sure that is all cleaned out, and maybe blow it out.

    I hope you find something there helpful. Good luck!

    PS - If you get absolutely stuck and/or give up and/or have some cash and just need it to work now you can use Blackberry Desktop Software to make a complete backup of your phone and then update to a new blackberry (probably not a bad idea to backup anyways since you're having trouble). That way, you won't loose all of your information and you won't have any down time. FYI I bought a perfectly good used 8820 on craigslist for $60...I just keep it around as a backup now just in case.
    11-18-10 05:43 PM
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    Hello! I just wanna know whether my blackberry keypad can be fixed, only 2 keypads are not functioning. Reply will be appreciated.
    02-28-13 09:55 AM