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    I am fairly new to the Blackberry 8830 and have reviewed the ENTIRE handbook for the 8830. I can't seem to find how I can forward ringtones from my 8830 to another phone number. Anyone have information on how to do this?
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    09-09-07 10:17 AM
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    Are you saying to 'transfer' ringtones from one phone to another?

    If yes, there are variables to consider; model, service, etc...

    So, give us a bit more info...
    09-09-07 11:09 AM
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    Try composing an email to the other phone, selecting the "Attach File" menu item, and navigating to the "ringtones" directory in Device Memory or your media card.

    It's up to the other phone whether it can deal with the attached file.


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    09-09-07 11:43 AM
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    Email doesn't work for us because the other phone doesn't have email service. I have tried sending an SMS and "attach the file" is not an option. I have also tried sending by bluetooth and it tells me "failed to find service", which I am not 100% sure what that means exactly.

    Here is what I am trying to do:
    I am basically trying to send a couple pictures/ringtones to my daughter's Env cellphone because we have tried loading them via my tones program and they don't load to her phone so I figured "if they loaded on my Blackberry I should be able to forward them" to her phone. But can't seem to figure out how to do this. I hope that helps.
    09-09-07 03:49 PM
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    Now it is so easy to make your own ringtones. All we need is to select our favourtie MP3 song, and upload it on AAfter Search by typing 'ringtone:' (without quotes) in the search box. It will split the MP3 into 20 secs ringtones. Select the interesting section of the song/music from 20 secs segments. Have fun!
    06-22-10 10:16 AM