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    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8320 running 4.5 it was initially locked on Vodafone. I unlocked it by using code. Now i want to reinstall the OS, as its getting slower and having hour glass issue (have to do too many battery pull in a day). I tried to update from Desktop Software and it showed that no update is available for my device. So i thought that i will reinstall the current os. But when i searched the net i only got download link for 4.2 So I will e very happy if someone gives me the link of 4.5 (or greater if available) for my berry. Also i would like to know if my berry would get locked again if i update,and if it gets locked will that previous unlocking code work again?
    05-29-11 10:24 AM
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    http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/lat...-188-a-495019/ 8320 maxed out at the 4.5 series of OSes. There is no 5.0 due to lack of available memory. Loading, upgrading, or downgrading doesn't re-lock an unlocked phone.

    Refer to this thread for memory issues, it sounds like your file free memory is getting low. If you aren't using a media card for Ringtones, pics, etc, your BlackBerry will Quickly begin slowing down on you.


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    05-29-11 08:27 PM