1. JenJohn820's Avatar
    I hope someone can help me...I updated my 8830 software last night and now my corporate email will not work. I've sent a couple of test e-mails and nothing's showing up. Do you know what settings I have to adjust to get everything to sync again?

    I appreciate your help!!
    11-14-09 06:41 AM
  2. fkornre's Avatar
    You have to contact your IT department at work.
    They must give you a BES password to reactivate your device to the BES server.
    You might have to wait till you are at work as they might not be so open to to this over the weekend. Good luck.
    11-14-09 07:27 AM
  3. JenJohn820's Avatar
    Thanks so much- I will try them this weekend and if all else fails, they should be there on Monday AM. I just hope I don't get my hand slapped for this one!
    11-14-09 07:43 AM
  4. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Unauthorized software can get you more than a hand slap FYI. IF you do not know the policies it is ALWAYS better to CYA and ask first than to just act on your own. Much easier to keep ones job that way.
    11-14-09 07:44 AM
  5. fkornre's Avatar
    Sith is right, i have such a great relationship with the guys in IT i get to call them at home when i want to switch devices and they send me a new password to reactive. i forget others do not always have such luck. I change devices monthly sometimes and never had an issue from them. So you should ask first.
    11-14-09 07:48 AM
  6. JenJohn820's Avatar
    Well what's done is done...I know for the future.
    11-14-09 07:50 AM
  7. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    In my environment I control (insert evil laugh) the servers, and i get to see when everyone goes out of contact, upgrades software, etc, so it gets sent in a report up to the board of Directors. From there it gets decided if they even need to keep their device/job/etc.
    11-14-09 07:51 AM
  8. fkornre's Avatar
    sounds very controlled, almost too much.

    my devices are always my own, my company at one point use to issue me my devices but i want to take my device and phone number with me when/if i leave at some point. so my company does not mind me using my own device to grab company email/calendar/contacts/etc...
    11-14-09 08:08 AM