1. redreggie's Avatar
    Hi my BB "goes to sleep". If i don't use my phone for some time then it "goes to sleep" I get No rings, beeps or anything until I touch the phone and then everything comes through. I NEED to turn this feature off. I have missed seriously important phone calls even with the phone directly with me and I'm watching a waiting......please help!!!!
    08-13-09 12:09 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    It sounds as if you have a silent or quiet profile. Find the Profile icon (many times it is on the top of the first screen up in a corner) or just look for it. It generally looks like a SPEAKER. Open it and check what kind of profile is set? If vibrate or quiet, pick normal and then wait till the phone goes into standby or sleep and call your cell and see if that works.

    Others may have additional ideas.
    08-13-09 01:19 AM