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    The just got a Jawbone 2 for my sister for xmas and I was able to pair it with her 8830, but when trying to answer a call, I press the answer button on the jawbone and nothing happens? It just keeps ringing. If I answer the phone manually, pressing the answer key on the phone, the jawbone works fine. I have the setting set properly, trusted on, discoverable on etc. She has it through Sprint if that matters. Please help.

    Also, I connected it to my ATT BB Bold to test it out, everything work properly? Any suggestions???
    12-25-09 02:03 PM
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    I found these two entries on the Jawbone website. Neither directly addresses your question, but they might give you some insight.

    Why is the Noise Shield (NoiseAssassin™) not working with my Blackberry 8830 (World Edition)?


    This issue is usually caused by the Echo Control feature on the Blackberry 8830 (World Edition). You can resolve this by disabling the Echo Control feature on the Blackberry. To do this, simply follow the steps listed below:

    1. Select Menu.
    2. Select Manage Connections.
    3. Select Bluetooth Options.
    4. Select Jawbone.
    5. Select Device Properties.
    6. Select Echo Control.
    7. Scroll down and select Off.

    After you have done that, ensure that the Jawbone fits properly on your face and the Voice Activity sensor always touches your cheek.

    Voice dialing troubleshooting with Blackberry
    How do I troubleshoot voice dialing on my Blackberry?

    There is a known issue with Blackberry voice dialing hanging in conjunction with the use of Bluetooth devices.

    To resolve the issue, reset your Blackberry. You can either do this by performing a hard reset (remove the battery from the Blackberry, wait a few seconds, and then replace the battery) or a soft reset (consult your Blackberry's User's Guide for instructions).

    It's also recommended that you make sure you have the latest software update installed for your Blackberry. Visit Blackberry's website for the most recent updates.

    There are several online resources such as BlackberryForums.com that may offer other solutions.
    Be sure you don't leave your 8830 in discoverable mode after your finish pairing. It's not necessary to be discoverable to function, and being discoverable is a slight security risk in that others can see your 8830 if they are in range and search for Bluetooth devices
    12-26-09 01:46 PM