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    Well I found the issue to stop the memory leak was a battery pull so I went to Apps world and downloaded quick pull lite.

    That was 3 hrs ago. It is "stuck" on installing....

    My phone works fine but the app hasnt installed and is stuck.

    No idea how to cancel it or remove it.

    Any ideas?
    08-24-09 10:14 AM
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    A better title for your thread would be "help with quickpull" rather than simply help. This way people have some idea what you are asking about. I have quickpull on my BB and it installed with no problem. You can go to options->advanced->applications and delete the app from there. You might need to do a battery pull. If you have a memory leak and are sitting at 0 filefree, you may need to do a battery pull to get enough control over your device to see options->advanced->applications.

    I have had 0 filefree on my BB 8830 with Verizon's latest 4.5...138 OS. I deleted gmail last week and while my filefree has gone down around 1 meg at times, it has not hit 0 since. I have heard facebook is a leaker. If you run facebook, remember to close it after each use. As for quickpull, it's still not quite as clean as simply taking off your back and pulling the battery so if you never quite get it working, don't sweat it. It's better to focus on remembering to close apps and get rid of any memory leakers so you never have to do a battery pull in the first place.

    If you feel you absolutely need quickpull, you can install it again after deleting it from options->advanced->applications. I wouldn't bother. For filefree going to 0 about every month or two, it's no big deal to take off the cover. For filefree going to 0 as often as once a week, focus on figuring out the cause rather than rebooting so often. The only phones that need rebooting more than once every 60 days are Treos.
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    08-24-09 01:05 PM