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    I was curious if anyone had used one in guam, and if so - what should I know before going? Do I need to get any particular sim cards for their networks or anything in particular? How's the service on the island?

    Thanks in advance.
    01-06-08 12:02 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Call your carrier. Only they can answer those specific questions about coverage. More then likely your carrier isn't big enough to have carrier agreements with other countries so if your sim slot is unlocked then you can just get a local pay sim card to use... that is if Guam has a GSM network. If it's CDMA, it'll probably not work.
    01-06-08 12:09 PM
  3. firestarter#CB's Avatar
    I use it in Guam w/o probs. there are 2 local GSM providers. U culd roam on CDMA or get a sim from the carriers.
    01-07-08 03:21 PM
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    Ok! I know this reply is kind of late, but for future searches here is some info on Guam's Carrier's.....

    Since Guam is an U.S. territory, all phone from the 50 States will work here. ( unlocked of course )

    We have 2 GSM carrier's... 1 carrier @ 1900mhz and the other is 3G @ 1900mhz/850mhz.

    We also have 2 CDMA carriers... 1 carrier @ 1900mhz 3G EV-DO rev1 and the other is 1X @ 800mhz

    We also have on Island an Ident ( Direct Connect )carrier.

    Hope these info helps who ever decides to visit The Island of Guam.

    Oh BB 8830 GSM portion will not work here.. only roam under CDMA, " If there is a roaming agreement "
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    07-20-09 01:07 AM
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    I noticed GTA has SIM card packages for sale. I'm curious if you had a Blackberry 8830 would it have to be hooked up to some service is US then when you go to Guam buy the SIM card and use it instead? Or do you not have to have any service...just an unlocked BB8830 and then purchase a SIM card from GTA and it works? We ended up buying another phone in Guam and buying Long Distance Cards from IT & E who also has a $1.95 day unlimited talk plan. With this plan you only get charged 3.5c minute for outgoing calls. Incoming calls or calls on Guam do not cost (other than the $1.95 day). Was just wondering if instead of buying a phone we could have used an unlocked BB8830 and prior to leaving could have synced Contact list?
    11-12-10 11:52 AM