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    Yesterday morning, my 8830 took a swim in the toilet. It was under water for about 3 seconds, and then removed. Right after it was taken out it rang, but i took the battery out. Since then, the battery was back in it, and when it was still activated, it would ring, but i don't think it would connect. It could just have been the speaker, but who knows. I think that it could be the speaker because now, it will turn on, the keys light up, i can hear the click from the ball, but there is no sound.

    Also, the screen has no backlight, or even any signs of life. I'm not sure if this would be the screen, or the board.

    It was soaked in alcohol a while later when I got home.

    I would like to dismantle it just to make sure that it's totally dry, but I can't seem to find any guides for this.

    Any tips or ideas are appreciated.
    02-09-08 10:17 PM
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    The worst thing you could have done at this point was to continue to play with it after it fell in the water, you caused electric currents to flow through the device when it was wet, if you had of said you just left it alone for a day, then I would suggest placing it in a bowl of dry uncooked rice, but where you played with it, I think you may have drove the nail in the coffin for it...sorry....just my opinion i'm sure others will suggest things as well
    02-09-08 10:20 PM
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    Yeah, I know this.

    And to be honest with you, it wasn't even me that messed with it. I had it sitting out and my Dad decided to "test it out."

    i'm just trying to figure out whether it is at all worth keeping or not, because I can't necessarily part it out or sell it, because it's a business phone.
    02-09-08 10:29 PM
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    You can still try the dry rice trick, ya never know, i've seen threads with other people describing WORSE situations and their devices came back to life...good luck.
    02-09-08 10:37 PM
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    Yeah. I'll give it a shot.

    Any other ideas? Or know where I can find a dismantle guide?
    02-09-08 10:38 PM
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    I'm just curious... What does the dry rice do to the BB? Does it help absorb the moisture?

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    02-09-08 11:12 PM
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    Yeah, that's what I would assume.
    02-09-08 11:27 PM
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    PDAparts.com has produced an excellent video on how to take apart an 8800. I assume that disassembly of your 8830 is the same:

    Whatever you do, wait several days before trying to power it up again. The water will not likely evaporate quickly.
    02-09-08 11:43 PM
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    Alright, so I've got it dismantled, and everything seems dry except for the LCD, which looks like it has some water between the glass. I figure at least, this is going to have to be changed out, but the rest appeared totally dry.

    Also, one other thing i was wondering about, is the ESN. I know i've read on here that you "can't" edit them, but I know it's possible. This is a 100% legit BB. If i were to buy one of the bad ESN ones off of ebay, what would it take to get the esn's switched. I figure it would be seem edits, which i could probably do. I'm pretty handy when it comes to the technical stuff. I've flashed my VZW KRZR to Alltel firmware and have it hacked 365 other ways on top of that lol, so i'm pretty familiar with how they work on the insides at least.

    My question, can i take the LEGIT ESN from this broken one, and somehow manipulate a working one off of ebay?

    I just wonder if it's something that's even possible without

    EDIT: by the way, thanks for the link. I had actually just found that about 30 minutes ago.
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    02-10-08 12:07 AM
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    Personally, I would just have told my insurance carrier that it not only went into the toilet, but that it got flushed and is now gone. IMHO
    02-10-08 09:51 AM
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    Did you buy the insurance on your device?
    02-10-08 09:55 AM
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    I got a new one... but I wanted to have this one for a different line, not my own.
    02-10-08 10:12 AM
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    try rubbing alcohol. i use it to clean charging ports on handsets at work all the time. just put some on a cotton ball and rub it all over the phone. even though it's liquid, it'll absorb the water and remove any corosion that's already there. who knows - it may save ur bb
    02-10-08 10:23 AM
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    You didn't keep on peeing on your BB did you?

    2 swims in one day? Jeez.
    02-10-08 11:05 AM
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    Update: I've eliminated the following:

    The "no sound" was probably just because it doesn't make any noise when you push buttons or anything, even on my new one. I wasn't aware of that... so i'm guessing the sound is fine.

    I got the screen off, and it was actually quite simple. I'm tempted to just buy a new screen off of ebay, or wherever i can get it the cheapest. Or, buy one of those dead ESN ones off of ebay, and swap the LCD, whichever is cheapest. Anyone have an extra LCD laying around? lol.

    The internals are totally dry now, since i've opened it up. I stuck the battery in and got the results above. I just wish there was a less risky way to test it out and figure out if it is for sure the LCD. What's the cheapest place for screens?

    Also, does anyone know if it could be the light generator, or would that be in the LCD screen? Not sure.

    Thanks for any input.
    02-10-08 11:22 AM
  16. Adlen's Avatar
    CNN - Click Here

    Screen is available at the link above for $66.99 USD. Other options are to buy a cheap 'spares or repair' 8800, 8820 or 8830, eBay or Google it.

    02-10-08 12:05 PM
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    Did You try Blow Drying it?

    But if you can connect it to your desktop MGR and its finds your pin
    To restore all the data in the backup file to your BlackBerry device, complete the following steps:

    Connect the BlackBerry device to your computer.
    Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.
    Double-click Backup and Restore.
    Click Restore.
    Double-click the backup (.ipd) file
    02-10-08 12:26 PM
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    It's already been backed up, because our BB server at work stored an image of it, and within 5 minutes of having my new one, all of my contacts, messages, settings, everything was in the new one.

    And I did actually just plug it into the PC, and it recognizes it and seems to work fine.

    My biggest question is- would water damage the LCD, and is it worth it to give it a shot and buy a new one? I think that's my problem.
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    02-10-08 12:55 PM
  19. WhatAreYouANub's Avatar

    I was just looking at it, and the LCD DOES WORK!

    The only problem, is it's too dark to see. I can tell that there is content on it when i push a button, but there is just no backlight... could that be the light generator? or just a setting?
    02-10-08 01:07 PM
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    Yet another update:

    The screen is 100% fully functional now.

    Now, my problem is when it boots up, it asks me to enter "blackberry" The problem here- the keyboard is acting strange. about 75% of the keys work no problem, but starting at about "J" it gets screwy, including backspace...

    any ideas here?

    Also- when it was dipped in alcohol, it messed up the clear plastic that would cover the screen, so i have to get at least a new front face for it =[

    EDIT: So, now i've got into it, and 90% of the keys are working. the ones that aren't are delete, and space is being a little weird, but besides that- everything seems to be 100% functional.
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    02-10-08 02:43 PM
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    Insurance is your friend next time.

    I love your screenname.
    02-10-08 03:49 PM
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    Haha yeah. Thanks. The thing is, it was covered, and i just got a new one... i want to salvage this one for another line.

    But- i think i'm going to be successful =]
    02-10-08 03:56 PM
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    To my knowledge I thought insurance does not cover phones thats been damage due to liquid/water?..Anywho....Glad you got your phone working. Same issue happened to me. I blow dried it every night until I was able to see the screen at a 100%.
    02-11-08 02:37 PM
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    Hi WhatAreYouANub.....I have the same sort of situation...I dropped my 8830 in the toilet for 10 seconds and now after letting it dry over the 2 days...the screen is still quite light....should we dismantle it and dry the screen?
    11-18-09 07:04 AM
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    Can someone send a private message to What are you a Nub with my previous message? I am new and unable to send PM and emails.....thank-you.
    11-18-09 07:10 AM