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    Hi, this is my first post/thread, so thank you in advance for any help

    I am going to Europe for a month, leaving in a couple days. I bought a GOSIM sim card because of their free incoming calls and it was also the cheapest option. I recently got a blackberry 8830 (on sprint), and it works fine for me here, but I am having trouble accessing the sim card. The phone acknowledges that a sim card is in the slot, but I can't access the sim card's app/menu that is supposed to be there. Their site and customer service emails have told me that I need to "set your menu to the default not the networks to see the GOSIM menu. If your menu has the icons for your network it is not set as default." I don't understand what that means, and have tried wiping the unit.

    Here is a quote from their website: "With Blackberry devices the level of complexity depends on the model being used but if the Blackberry desktop is set to the Network’s own versionthen the GO-SIM menu does not appear. Users need to set the desktop to default and then the GO-SIM menu is located in Tools > Applications."

    A thought I've had is that maybe the menu won't show up until I am in Europe and on one of their signal bands, and I've brought that up to the company a couple times, but they don't seem to understand that idea :/ if anyone has any experience or actually knows how to "set the menu/desktop to default" please let me know
    01-01-10 02:52 PM
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    ok i think i may have found how to fix the problem through using the blackberry destop loader.exe to remove everything on the phone so that the Sprint icons are no longer showing and the phone doesn't think its tied to any carrier. i guess ill update if it works!
    01-01-10 04:24 PM
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    ugh, ive spent hours working on this, ran the desktop installer, reset the factory settings through command prompt, and now still have nothing except a phone that wont even connect to sprint at this point. im starting to think it's the sim card's fault, and not the phone. i leave on monday and now have no working phone :<
    01-01-10 08:14 PM